Saturday, April 12, 2014

The Star Wars Shop

Steve has lots of time off here since his contract only requires 3 night shifts a week, 36 hours total. This has given us much time needed for sightseeing and catching up on sleep. Speaking of sleep, the dark days and light rain make it perfect for a day sleeper. He needs a turn around day after 3 nights in a row, then he is ready to go on more adventures! His fixed schedule repeats so he has a good stretch of time off every other week. So, as the contract here was nearing completion, he was asked to extend it. That was an easy decision...sure. We are in no hurry to leave and with the snow still in the passes, I'm not sure we could safely travel right now anyway. There are still so many things to see and do once the winter weather clears orca whale watching. 
So, contract renewed til June 7. 
With all that behind us, now we have 13 more weeks of fun! 

Let's go for a drive today, 3/13/2014, in a different direction...
west toward the pacific ocean. 
Somehow we ended up in a little seaside tourist trap, Ocean Shores,Wa!

fun shops, but the beach looked like Galveston...

and it's cold...really cold!

then look who comes running out of nowhere...wild and free...

please don't bite me coyote!

so we took a few pictures and got back in the jeep...

where to next? Let's head back towards Aberdeen and have lunch! 
I saw a little place to eat and a sign for a Star Wars shop.

This little dive had great reviews...
The Lighthouse Drive In
so glad we took a chance here.
These were the best fried prawns (shrimp for you Texans out there) I ever tasted...
served with *Fry Sauce* lol
Spencer had the chicken strips and Steve had the fried cod, I think.
Anyway, it was really good!
Then onto the Star Wars Shop...


This was worth the trip!

and we are not even inside yet!

I have never in my life imagined one person owning so much Star Wars stuff! lol

This shop is jam packed with so many collectibles! 

Everywhere you look...

I took a jillion bad iphone

The owner said he started collecting for his boys in the 1980's.

I believe him!

Star Wars Legos!

Need a light saber?

People visit from all over the world. 
There were some as far away as Japan and Europe!
So, we put our Texas pin on the map too!

Stay away from the dark side Luke!
We bought a few goodies and had a nice visit with the owner before we had to leave!

 May the Force be with you!

Successful day was it!

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  1. Awesome. Nice post. I might have to try the Lighthouse.