Monday, April 28, 2014

Portlandia Day 2

Steve and I woke up early on Easter morning, 4/20/2014, and headed out on foot in search of 2 and Voodoo Doughnuts. 


I think it's that a way...

found it!

no line at 7:00 am

what should we order?

who knows? just pick some...

we have to get a voodoo doll!

and a tshirt... 

Rockets fans...this is the hex Portland put on Houston!!!
explains everything...

crazy good donuts... yumm

all the cool people walk around with pink

raspberry filled chocolate iced voodoo doll, lol

We picked up a maple glazed bacon donut for Spencer and took him for a surprise outing...
a classic arcade

another interesting building...The Armory, looks like a castle.
Now its a medieval dinner theatre.

We also hit up the Portland Saturday market on Sunday!

Eat like an Egyptian...

few pictures, but lots of crafts/vendors/food trucks and lots of walking... 

if only my cats would wear one...and made of recycled materials too! lol


we mostly just did some shopping and sightseeing all afternoon, so much to see!

there's a high population of homeless kids too...
this sign says "will wrestle your mominlaw for a buck"

We walked all over Portland but now our afternoon is coming to a close, time to head back to Tacoma...
here's the Union Station!

So ready to board our train, we're tired!

It was an uneventful boarding and train ride back to Tacoma. 
We enjoyed a lovely sunset as we crossed the Columbia River into Washington State...
ByeBye Portland for now!

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