Monday, September 30, 2013

Exploring New mexico

We have been here about 11 days , I think. Steve has worked the better part of those days and has been really too tired to do much sightseeing. We did go to the Welcome Center and the local Museum. The local museum was a great find and larger than expected. We didn't allow for enough time so I hope that we will stop by before we leave Roswell.  At the Welcome center we were able to chat with a girl who advised us to take a scenic drive to Ruidoso.

 Yes! Those are hills in the background!
 Me and Billy the Kid!
We took her advice and it was great! hills, mountains, ski resorts, restaurants... a place you could get lost... We will definitely be back soon. We are headed to Carlsbad Caverns this week and I hope to take some amazing photos while we are there. I am also looking forward to the learning opportunities for Spencer.  He really doesn't understand the gift of travel that we have given him. I pray it will be a big blessing in his adult life.

Monday, September 23, 2013

Roswell, New Mexico

Ok, it's not Santa Fe like we hoped. Steve's contract canceled at the last minute, like the day before we flew to Ca. There was no funding for that job, but they got him in an ER in Roswell.  We arrived last Wed and were put up in a motel 6...WOW is all I have to say about it. Aliens are everywhere!

We were moved quickly to the LaQuinta the next day. It was very nice and I could have stayed there a week or more. On Friday, the 20th we moved into an old old adobe house. historic...yes! On the wrong side of the tracks...maybe? Anyway, it is provided housing, completely furnished 3/2 house. Much larger and more comfortable than an apt. We are all adjusting well to the new lifestyle here. It was a rough start but today it seems like we are settling in for the next 8 weeks.


804 Mathews
Roswell, NM

This house is 1930's but large 1350 sq ft due to an addition in the 1950's.

 The kitchen with a washer and dryer

 Nice living area with exposed beams

 Dining area

 old arched doorways, hardwood floors, tile, and decorated in the old Southwest style.

Hard to believe, but this house does not have central AC. There is a window unit in the master bedroom addition ( which Steve loves.) For the rest of the house, there is a "swamp cooler" on the flat roof that blows cold air through the ceiling, looks like an old attic fan! The house is cool and dry, no humidity here. Steve likes the hospital and is enjoying his work. Spencer is homeschooling and we are excited about our stay here in Roswell. Yes, there are aliens here...I've already seen some. Updates Coming Soon !

Sunday, September 22, 2013

California Vacation

Here's a recap of the events since we left Mom and Dad's house in Springtown.

We flew out of DFW to John Wayne Airport in California on the 8th and enjoyed 5 glorious days in the Disneyland and California Adventure parks! 

This was Spencer's first time to fly and he loved it!

playing with the ipad to pass the time on the flight back!

The Disneyland Hotel did not disappoint us either.

There were some corporate groups having meetings and one of the pools were being refurbished...

but otherwise the weather was amazing and the crowds low!

Here are some pics of our hotel room too!

hidden Mickey's everywhere!

so relaxing...

just what I expected from Disney!

lovely artwork throughout! 

hidden Mickey's in the bedding...

and lamp base too...

vintage wallpaper in the main lobby!

A dream is a wish your heart makes!

The headboard lights up like fireworks! lol

We had a great view of one of Spencer's favorite rides... The Matterhorn Bobsleds!

It was a magical week hopping between the 2 parks. Disneyland is so nostalgic and the California Adventure had lots of fast rides to please Steve and Spencer. The Tower of Terror was terrifying! We used our magic morning for these two to ride California Screamin over and over, like 6 times in a row I think.

 I'm surprised I got any pics at all.
This roller coaster shoots off like 60 miles and hour! They loved every minute of it!

No visit is complete without some pictures with the characters!

We stumbled upon Alice and the Mad Hatter!

Here's Mater, he even talks!

Me and Jessie

Me and Pinnochio

Steve and some storm troopers!  

We ended our trip with a character breakfast at Goofy's Kitchen!
Here's Spencer and Rafiki

Dale playing tricks!

Chip visiting our table!

Me and my Fairy Godmother!

Pluto making his rounds!

Baloo and Spencer!

The Mad Hatter with the guys!

and no trip is complete without pictures in front of the castle !

my favorite shot of me and Spencer!

My prince charming!

oh and next time I'll be more prepared for the ridiculous prices on food!

 After the first day of sticker shock, we just loosened the purse strings and had some fun!

and don't forget about the perfect ending... fireworks!

Now onto our new adventure in New Mexico!

Tuesday, September 3, 2013

we are residents of springtown tx

We arrived safely on sunday afternoon and enjoyed a relaxing labor day with my mom and dad! we have spent the better part of today changing our TDL address,updating  the jeep registration, getting Steve's labwork done and completing his testing! looking forward to our disney vacation and working in santa fe, nm ! 

Sunday, September 1, 2013

our adventure begins today!

today is the day ! we left deer park at 10:00 am and are traveling to my mom and dads home in springtown! on vacation for the next 2 weeks! so happy to be done and out of our house in DP