Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Christmas at Disneyland 2013

People ask me all the time if I ever look at all the pictures and videos I take... That answer is YES! I love to look through old photos... that is one thing I do miss. Most of my current digital pictures are on my mac computer in storage and all my old printed photos are in tubs in storage or strategically placed at numerous residences all over Texas! However... I did run across about 200 photos I took during our last Disney Trip! Don't worry, I won't share them all!

Here I am at the entrance! 

We didn't plan to come back to Disney so soon, after all we just went in September. 

but, when Steve found out we were headed to Tacoma and he began to plan our travel route...we were driving right by it and we do have 3 weeks...and I've always dreamed of seeing Disney at Christmas!

so here we are...at the happiest place on earth 12/1-3/2013

Donald in his Christmas Sweater

and Minnie too!

Cruella DeVille, lol

Merry Christmas to me!

Look at that clear blue sky and sunshine!

beautiful rose gardens!

We have a tradition of eating a snack near the castle!

I'm loving all these Christmas decorations!

Spencer found his favorite Disney treat, a Mickey ice cream bar!

Disney took care of every little detail. 

Even the haunted house is transformed! 

Time for some night time Disney magic!

The christmas parade! 

A Prince and Princess!

There's Mickey! 

and Minnie!

Goofy and Pluto too!

one of my all time favs...Beauty and the Beast

Here comes Santa and his reindeer!


time for some fireworks!!

and then special sudsy California "snow" began to fall!

My Disney Dream came true...

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