Thursday, April 17, 2014

Northwest Trek Wildlife Park

 On the most beautiful Spring day as of yet, 4/9/14, we spent the afternoon at 
 Northwest Trek Wildlife Park
What a great's like a zoo but better.

Better because...It's huge, about 435 acres! You can walk through the self guided trails and get on a tram too. The tram ride was great! It takes you through the park to view lots of native wildlife in their own habitat. I had to keep reminding myself that we are in a enclosed zoo. We took over 400 pictures and half of them are amazing like this ...

The tree pic is Steve's money shot...breathtaking! 

First thing...Get on the Tram! 

The keepers put feed out on the road to attract the wildlife! 

here's some black tail deer!

They were plentiful all day! 

seemingly wild and free...

Most animals here have been injured or orphaned!

There's some sheep in the meadow...

As we rounded the corner, the Big Horn Sheep came to greet us!

They are all tagged! 

The tram operator said they look scruffy due to losing their winter coats! 

The male is quite an amazing sight!

The tram takes you up close and and slows down to take pictures! 

Here's a mountain goat resting by the roadside.

bison or buffalo?

we learned that these are bison...

in their wallow!

Here's a herd of Roosevelt Elk running away! 

What a beautiful view...

A perfect Spring Day! 

and there's caribou waiting at the tram station!

Now, for the walking tour! 

Spencer was expecting Lord of the Rings action at any time! 

It's like a magical fairy forest with lots of moss! 

we found a little learning cabin in the forest!

Here's a hawk sitting on her nest!

Time to take a break, have lunch and stop at the gift shop for a few goodies!

 Back to the walking tour! 

a wonderful bobcat exhibit!

They were feeling frisky in the sunshine! 

The barn owls were so still, they looked like wood carvings... 

Spencer enjoyed the bald eagles! 

There were 2 and both had been injured and could not fly.

There's another one of Spencer's favorite animals...

Arctic wolves! 

sunbathing on such a lovely day!

 Spencer and I on the walking tour! He's only 11 and already 6 ft tall! 

and this is the view of the lake as we were leaving for the day...
That's Mt. Rainier peeking out behind the hill!
What a gift it has been to see God's handiwork! 
We are so thankful for this journey!

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