Friday, March 6, 2015


In travel nursing...
There is none.
Am I insecure right now?
It comes and goes...but I guess...
 No, not at this very moment since we are currently within a solid assignment and great housing.
Although at any time either one of these could be cancelled.
We've had one hospital cancel Steve's contract just days before arrival so we know it's possible.
Because of this, I tend to stay on edge until we are about a month in
and Steve has a good feel for the hospital.
Should he extend or run immediately?
He usually can tell right off the bat so that's good.
Once settled we are able to plan our fun excursions in the area.
Sometimes we are in the wrong season for sightseeing or visiting the national parks.
So we just enjoy what we can at the moment.
Honestly though when the current assignment is coming to a close and Steve is interviewing for a new hospital and there is too much unknown...
I tend to fall somewhere between excitement and fear for my life.
Do we worry about the future?
Sure, like always.
Are we afraid?
Yes at times, but as we travel longer
we are getting better at this so there is less fear on our end.
Do things go wrong?
Sure, just like always...but
Since we have less material things we have less opportunity for problems.
Is this healthy?
 Not sure, lol, but it's exciting!
The fear, excitement, independence and lack of security are all just a part of it.
Each assignment we learn to be even more flexible than we were before
as we are constantly tweaking plan A as to how and where we live.
Never knowing where the next assignment may lead...
Each day we turn our eyes to the heavens...
We thank God for our crazy good life together.
We pray and listen for God's confirmation.
We research, plan and try to make good decisions.
We rely on God's guidance to direct our paths where we find
our safety, security, and freedom in this temporary life.


  1. Great post and we share 100% of your concerns in our family. I can tell by day 2, or sometimes hour 2, if a facility is a stinker or not. Our first assignment two years ago got cancelled a week before it started after we rented our house, moved into an RV, and drove halfway across the country. Great start! I think we learn to take things in stride.

  2. Ahhh the joys of travel nursing... If it weren't for the freedom not sure we would continue long term. But, we love it and we do have to take everything in stride, the good with the bad.

  3. Yup, same here. It's a pain in the butt sometimes, but the good times are just too good, even though the bad times sometimes really hurt.