Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Seattle's Woodland Park Zoo

We love to visit zoos, I mean we really *love* to visit zoos. When my kids were growing up in Texas we went almost weekly. I would take their pictures year after year at the same landmarks where I had my pictures taken as a child, and I would tell them that I raised them in a zoo. I always purchased the membership pass to the Houston zoo and the Houston children's museum each spring with my income tax refund! This gave us a new year of prepaid special outings....memories I have in my heart forever.

So on 2/26/2014, after the snowy winter weather subsided, 
we headed to the Woodland Park Zoo in Seattle!
 It is massive and the grounds are lush and woodsy!

So many animals here...

A little family...

enjoying the cold sunshine today!

black bears!

Keeper talk with the Hawks!

pretty girls!

beautiful park on a lovely day! 

Arctic Wolves!


enjoying the day together!

and my favorite part of the whole day...

Feeding the penquins!

They are so cute!

much smaller than I expected...

they swim up to the glass...

and eat right out of your hands...

Thanks to my wonderful hubby for all these great pictures! 

A day I'll remember forever!

and I'm sure Spencer will too!

one more thing checked off the bucket list!

oh and they are all banded and named like little pets! the keeper even knew all their names and could tell them apart!

hungry girls, lol

We met this guy as we were leaving...

Thanks Woodland Park Zoo!

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