Tuesday, December 30, 2014

2014 Closure

Another year is ending and we all say ...
Where has the time gone? 
It's just like a dream. 
Each moment swiftly passing into the next til it's all a blur.
I'm so glad I blogged somewhat through the year.
It has given me such joy to recall so many happy moments in one place.

There are big monthly gaps of silence followed by days on end of rambling...
Such is this life...
We swing between running on empty and resting...lol
Finding balance somewhere in between.
This travel gig takes us to the edge and just when we think we cannot stand it a minute longer,
We are pulled back into moments of deep rest and relaxation. 
To be still and reflect...
Then more twists and turns around each bend.
So exciting these days.

We were tired and weary when we arrived back in Texas, 
But these past few weeks...
We find ourselves rested and renewed.
Our hearts full and energized.

 Right now we are wrapping up the holiday celebrations and 
this crazy Houston assignment...
Researching new 2015 travel destinations.
Soon decisions have to be made and contracts signed.
So we continue to evaluate our opportunities
And look forward to all the possibilities that 2015 may hold for us.

Sunday, December 28, 2014

Christmas in Texas

We have been celebrating all month!
Seriously... With this much immediate family (16 including kids, spouses and grandchildren)
and everyone's work schedules...
We had to break up our christmas get togethers into 4 different events! 
It's so good to be home among family during the holidays.
In a perfect world we would travel 11 months out of the year and come back to Texas for 
Thanksgiving and Christmas ...
Oh how I wish Steve's work schedule would allow it.
We hope to reach a point in this travel life where we have more flexibility and time off!
but right now we are creating lasting memories by...

Sharing meals...

hosting our annual baking party...

Baking cookies...

lots of cookies...

and decorating them...

lots of them...

need icing back up...lol

and eating them...lol

and lots of christmas trees...

Making gingerbread houses...

thanks guys...

Making and eating pretzel sticks...

Opening gifts...

santa even brought just the right gift...

Taking pictures...

under the tree...


And more picture taking with our kids and grandkids...

enjoying our grown kids so much...

and Spoiling grandchildren...


so fun...these holidays...

Celebrating with family...

And soaking up all these good moments...

These memories will sustain us as we travel through 2015!

Christmas Success!

Merry Christmas from the Hall Hacienda!

Friday, December 12, 2014

Kingwood Texas

Or as the locals like to say...
The Livable Forest
Oh it's quite lovely and pricey.
Steve took a less than ideal contract to put us near Houston 
(and most of our family) for the holidays.
The area is great however the traffic is crazy 
and his hospital assignment is poor, putting it nicely.
The pay works out to be about a third of what he earned in Nevada
and the work load is 10 times heavier.
For this reason he will not be extending his contract this time.
I hate that, I so wanted him to love it for about 6 months
or until we get our fill of our kids and grandkids.
Right now we have a lovely furnished apartment at

IMT Kingwood

200 Northpines 
# 1023
Kingwood, Tx 77339

It's a spacious 2/2 with vaulted ceilings and arched details throughout!

Pet friendly...Miss Mittens loves it too!

With lovely garden tubs in both bathrooms!

Gated and secure

Prime location to Steve's hospital, 
Just a skip and jump across the freeway.
and right across the way from all our favorite shopping and restaurants...
and just a weird bit of info...
The first time one of our grown kids came over they had that déjà Vu feeling 
that they had been here before.
I totally said that as big as Houston is there is no way that could happen.
It's just similar to another apt you've visited in the area.
So, we dropped the conversation until I checked the mailbox 
and that same friend's mail was in it!!!!
Yep! What are the odds that we moved into their exact old apt unit? 
So crazy...this travel life.
It never stops amazing me.
Right this minute...our days are full of food and family,
Shopping and celebrating and 
lots of picture taking!
Life is good and we are blessed to enjoy these happy holidays here in Texas.

Hi Ho Silver

The day finally arrived on a rainy Friday morning that 
our longtime friend, Jeep Jeep, went on to live with another family.

It was time.
We all knew it.
We carefully planned to upgrade our vehicle while we were in Texas...
and now the time was right.

We shared so many adventures...

For 7 years driving all the way to Florida and then all over the West coast! 
One adventure after another...
Now we will begin a new adventure in 2015 in our new truck! 

We got an amazing deal on a brand spanking new close out
2014 Ram 4dr Pick Up

She's sparkly and shiny too! 
Steve said right away...
Hi Ho Silver!
Ahhhh... Lots of headroom and feet room!
She will make a great travel vehicle for our next adventure!

And hopefully many adventures to come.
Hi Ho Silver... And away...

Thursday, December 11, 2014

Texas Creature Comforts

So many comforting things about Texas! 
We are so happy with the immediate area surrounding our apt, and we love our housing!!
Houston is a big place and we have lived here all our life but not on this side of town.
So, I was so happy to find all our favorite shops and restaurants nearby! 
We have the most amazing Kroger across the street,
It's a huge marketplace. 
With the best deli/bakery/meat selection.
Love it!
I've heard it said that Houston has some of the best shopping and restaurants in the nation.
It's true and something I always took for granted.
It's such a pleasure to buy gas and food here.
The prices and selection are amazing.
I'm already planning to pack up a bunch of Texas goodies 
to take with us to our next destination.
We recently took a little drive into Houston on a Thursday morning to visit
the Museum of Natural Science

we enjoyed the new shark exhibit...

touching real sharks...

very informative too...

can't forget the dinosaur exhibit either...


And a stop at the Museum of Fine Arts
Both are wonderful!
Just as we remembered...
and free on Thursdays!
So, of course we just had to pay a visit to the House of Pies
for lunch in between museums
and The Chocolate Bar
for a late afternoon snack.

So so good!!
The only damper on our day was the incredible Houston traffic,
This is something we don't miss!!
But right now we are enjoying every opportunity to get our Houston fix...
Filling each day with all the goodness we can!