Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Crystal Mountain Ski Resort

So, on 1/10/2014, we finally rounded up enough winter gear to make our way out to Crystal Mountain. 
It's a ski resort about 45 minutes away from our apt. 
None of us have skied before and Steve really cannot take a chance getting injured, 
so we mostly just went to see the sights...the mountain, the trees, the snow!

Quite interesting...

We even saw a skier dressed in a bigfoot suit! 

Drove through this quaint little town!

Upon arrival this is what we first saw from the parking lot! 

We hopped on the tram!

and it was cold! snow everywhere you look! 

Never saw a van quite like this one...

or a tractor like this one?

Looks like dangerous fun!!

Let's get on the gondola!

So we rode it to the top of Crystal Mountain! 

Ahhh...the Christmas trees! 

the view! 

It was much colder on the mountain so we warmed up in the restaurant and had a nice lunch!

a little sight seeing!

It's getting darker all of a sudden!

Found a warm lookout point and watched a storm roll in that delayed the gondolas!

They started back up once the winds died down!

Enjoying the amazing views

Hi friends!

$55 for all 3 tickets!

View from the gondola!

Arriving down to the resort!

Ski Lessons? Not today, but maybe next time, we'll see...

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