Saturday, April 5, 2014

Seattle Aquarium and Harbor Tours

We sneak down to Seattle at the drop of a hat these days! Now that we know how to navigate the downtown area, it's become quite fun to explore the sound! I finally put 2 and 2 together and realized that the *sounders* sports team are named after the Puget Sound. Locally it's referred to just the sound...north sound and south sound. So, on 1/24/2014 we set out for another day of sightseeing.

We purchased the Seattle City Pass at the Aquarium, no not a restaurant, 
a real aquarium sitting in the sound. 
This is a great savings off of the many local attractions we already plan to see. I'm going to remember this in the future when we visit other large cities.  

I took about 300 pictures on this day alone. 

Lots of interesting sea creatures! 

and birds too!

all native to the puget sound!

California Sea Lions had a nice exhibit!

relaxing walk through

Sea Otters!

They even use the natural sound water for the sea creatures...

scary sharks, oh my!

even touched some starfish, that water is ice cold!

Jellyfish exhibit is really up close too! 

they're just floating all around you! 
Then we headed for lunch! 

pricey Fish and Chips,
good but not great!

Had to take a picture of my 2 fav guys! 

I'm enjoying this gorgeous sunshine, but it's still cold and windy to me!

Next up... Harbor Tour! 

Great views of the harbor and the Seattle skyline!

Can you believe this sunny clear day in January? almost unheard of here...

The Space Needle! 

like a painting...the waters are so calm

Look close...California Sea Lions in the wild! 

just bobbing along... wild and free!

and the biggest surprise were the bald eagles! 

 perched atop a crane!

I didn't expect to see so many sea lions!

beautiful day for boating!

Our Harbor Tour came to an end so we headed to Pike Place market...again, lol

and the original starbucks, where it all began...

so small and no seating at this little storefront 

people flock here from all over and take their pictures out front!

check that off our bucket list!

and right next door...are you kidding me?
so, I got some tamales!

The market is huge! There's so many yummy fruits and veggies!

and seafood! 

Fresh Made Cheese too!

Interesting live performers at every corner...they're called buskers, don't know why!

I took some lovely pictures as we were leaving...the sun was just right!

That's Mt Rainier in the background, century link field and ferris wheel too!

So thankful for this beautiful day and being able to share it with 2 of my loves! 

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