Saturday, January 3, 2015

Rant on Housing

One of the first things we have to address this new year is our housing.
The possibilities are endless as are the multiple living combinations...
Since we are flexible, we are constantly tweaking our lifestyle to make it work better for us.
I never imagined such freedom existed after many years of being locked into 
Middle Class Mortgage Mayhem.
Thank God we were released from that burden.
2013/2014 was mostly a trial run to see if we would enjoy living in nomadic freedom...
And did we ever... 
We have had the time of our lives.
We are so thankful for all the amazing corporate housing we experienced
these past 17 months... (while we were living like rock stars!)
However, in order for us to continue traveling we must make some adjustments.
We have to become more efficient at how we live.
Corporate housing is grand but it is paid through the nursing contract housing stipend.
So it's different each assignment and is comes directly out of Steve's pay.
It's also only available during an active contract, so when the contract ends...
so does the grand pricey housing!
Bottom line about housing...
We need to provide our own if we are to ever make any money traveling.
The housing stipend is where the $$ is for most travel nurses.
We haven't experienced that aspect yet, lol,
But we hope to someday.
We have to see past the romantic notions of nomadic houseless living 
and get serious now about our future.
I never felt homeless during the last 17 months.
I never ever regretted selling our home.
But returning to Texas we find ourselves feeling empty 
when all others have such grand homes.
And we admit that the houses in Texas are great! 
We find ourselves looking and dreaming of real estate!
So big and affordable! 
And also to be compared to a noose ever tightening around your neck, lol.
Today we miss home.
We dream of our Texas home...
The forever home we know we will settle into someday.
But right now... today...
We need to find home, create home.
Even just a sense of home.
A small home will do.
We require very little but still we need a small space that's ours...
Something to call home.
I'm a homemaker...I can make home just about anywhere...
With whatever I can find on hand.
And I have at times. 
But I need something to work with...
As always we trust that our father knows and it will be revealed soon enough.
So exciting to see how God works this out for us. 
Of course we accept that his timing is perfect
Therefore we wait....
And we hope with so many possibilities before us 
and we pray that we make the best decision for our family.
We know we have only scratched the surface of this travel life.
Much more satisfying freedom lies beyond the unseen bend.
Til we embark on our next journey...
our days are filled with housing research,
Assignment location investigation,
Travel preparation,
And more Family...
And lots and lots of peaceful prayer!
Rant over for now...


  1. Have you ever considered building a tiny home on wheels? Cheaper then most rvs.

  2. Yes we have! A very small home may be in our future...

  3. So smart! Our family of 5 plans to hit the road next summer God willing! A lot of planning and building up do!

    1. This travel life requires much purposeful organization, but so worth it!