Friday, April 4, 2014

Point Defiance Zoo and Aquarium

Tacoma City Parks has a hidden gem in this little zoo! 
Point Defiance Zoo and Aquarium is in a wonderful park right in the city. 
On 1/16/2014 we ventured out to the park and were greeted by the welcoming committee...

what a friendly welcome...

leading us to the entrance...

 a lovely peacock...

no crowds on this cold winters day.

Lots of typical zoo animals you would expect to see...elephants and tigers, Oh my!

all are very well cared for and content!

also many pacific northwest area animals that we never see in Texas zoos... 
like Polar Bears! 

and Reindeer!

Such a majestic beast, so big and strong! 
I see why Santa chose them to pull his sleigh!

naptime for this fella!

The wolves looked wild and free in their new exhibit!

We really enjoyed the aquarium too 

The shark tank had great seating and you could sit and watch for hours.

they even had diving with the sharks too.

Spencer was a no go, lol

In a separate exhibit, lots of stingrays that you can touch!

The grounds are lush and woodsy!

We found the meerkats

they wanted to come outside and play, but its too cold right now!

so we went inside to see them! 

the children's section of the zoo looks so fun! 

need to find some toddlers to really enjoy this place! 

petting zoo!

yay! the humans are here! Did you bring me a snack?

sorry, no feedings today... maybe next time! 

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