Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Christmas 2013

So, Christmas away from Texas was hard, I cannot lie about it. Traveling back home during the holidays is impossible with Steve's schedule. Being a travel nurse, he is basically filling in so that the staff nurses can take  time off. We knew that from the get go, but we still wanted to be with our family on Christmas Day!  I've been celebrating Christmas the same way for 47 years, and this year everything and I mean everything was different. I just "had" to get a christmas tree, though. I thought I might could make it through the holidays without one, but I couldn't. I love Christmas Trees and there have been years when I put up as many as 31 trees!! This year we had to be logical about any tree we purchased. Remember...we are in an apt, and we cannot take it with us. Whatever we buy will have to be donated before we leave here. Finally, we agreed on a 2 ft tree on an end table. Perfect! 

It was just right for the 3 of us! 

 Lots of goodies for Spencer! He was a good boy, and I wanted him to have a "real" christmas morning!

My sparkly bow tree topper! 

My Disneyland Ornament! 

My Radko Santa Ornament!

Spencer with his stocking! 

Lil Bit is interested in her stocking too! 

Mittens finally came out to join in the fun! 

Yumm Yumm...Cat Nip, my favorite! 

Oh and I can't forget about the Wii card, we hunted all over for one! 
My gamer was happy!
My sweetheart was happy too, even though we were far from home. 
I got an amazing gift from hubby, but I'll wait to share it on our anniversary! 
We mailed/received packages to/from our family and enjoyed our quiet little celebration together.
Steve had to work Christmas Day evening, so I "fixed" a small traditional lunch of ham and some side dishes and we relaxed and made phone calls until he left for work. 
This travel life has its ups and downs and I'm just glad Christmas only comes once a year! 
We plan on being near HTown next year so we can spend the holidays with our kids! 

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