Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Christmas at California Adventure 2013

I have to blog about California Adventure separate from Disneyland, because well it is different and it's my sons favorite! Spencer and Steve love it, mostly due to the thrill rides! I love it too, it's fresh and new, so much more open and less crowded. My favorite ride has to be it! The Monsters Inc and The Little Mermaid Rides are at the top of my list too! We park hopped back and forth between the two parks 12/1-3/2013 and it was a Christmas dream come true! 

Here's Spencer waiting at the rope drop! 

He's headed to his favorite ride...California Screamin! 
Good, I'll get on the little Mermaid ride since they don't want to ride it anyway. lol
 I made a video clip and sent it to Maddie and Noah, so fun! 

Here's Spencer's other favorite ride...The Tower of Terror!

Must have rode this one... 13 times! 

There's Mrs. Incredible just strolling through...

I found a Christmas Tree!  

California Screamin again on Day 2!

Paradise Pier on a sunny December Day! 

So many cute little shows...A suitcase and a Dream!

I took a bunch of little video clips of the good!

California Adventure at night was wonderful...look at those lights...

I didn't take as many pictures this time, but I hold so many happy memories in my heart! 

Oh and I almost forgot about this little bitty Walmart near our hotel, LaQuinta. 
It even had itty bitty shopping carts. lol
tomorrow... Knott's Berry Farm!

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