Wednesday, August 28, 2013

We are going to Santa Fe !

steve finalized his nursing assignment contract ! we are going to moms 9/1-9/8 then flying to disney 9/8-9/13 then we are going to santa fe , nm 9/14-12/16. we even have a 2bed/2bath condo!

santa fe NM

Steve is in deep negotiation today and should sign a contract soon!

Monday, August 26, 2013

One Week Out

Just one more week til our adventure begins! We are leaving DP on Sunday, Sept 1. We will drive to my parents home and use that as our home base for a while. Then Sept 8 we are vacationing in CA for a week at the Disneyland Resort. We have not had a vacation in 4 years and Steve decided we would do this one up right! We have my mom available to care for our cats and we have already purchased the vacation package! now just hurry up and wait. I still have some work to do here before we leave, but most of the worst is behind me. The 3 garage sales nearly killed me! I did hurt my shoulder but I'm praying that rest will heal it soon. So freeing to see all the stuff leaving my house and going to good use. We have been able to bless some people along the way and I am glad for that.

Steve is still negotiating his travel nurse contracts and we know God is working on the best job for him. We are patient and we trust God's provision always. We are debt free and this gives us lots of wiggle room!  We are really getting close now as we had to say goodbye to a dear friend today...

Yes, Steve even sold his beloved Mustang!
 It's amazing how light and free we feel since ridding our life of all the clutter and debt, but the mustang, well, I know that was hard for him. 
We pray that we never use credit ever again, even for a mortgage. We only had a mortgage and a car loan, but that was enough to make us feel like a slave to the lender.

So today we focus on the job before, purging, packing, and preparing our mind for the journey! 

Everything we carry with us is in our jeep! 
That's what I call traveling light!

Sunday, August 18, 2013


In just 2 short weeks we are leaving. I'm emotionally overwhelmed this morning just thinking about God's goodness (and how undeserving I am of all this). It's huge! Of course we know that God has been at work in us and in these plans for months now. Every obstacle has been removed and a vast pathway has been revealed even better than what we could ever imagine or expect. We are experiencing a healthy dose of excitement and fear. We trust God for all things and we know it is his plan for us and not ours alone. We walk by faith and even though the future is uncertain, God is good and we are his people... so we continue to follow him and trust where he leads us.

This summer has been so amazing on so many levels. We prayed that God would remove all the obstacles holding us here, and he has. We never imagined our home would sell so fast, that our children would head out on their own, that our medical issues would be resolved, that we would be debt free, and every unspoken prayer would be answered. This gives us the peace that passes all understanding. We are experiencing really good days, ya know those days you just want to bottle and save. Anyone who knows us, knows that such moments in time are usually rare for us. We've struggled, really struggled with career changes, parenting, debt, and just daily living has been hard some days. We have stayed the course, trusted God and lived by our decisions. Today is finally the culmination of working God's Plan which we always refer to as Plan A. 

Where are we going? What has happened? Where are you moving? Well, we have not made a final decision as of today. Steve has given his notice at work. His last day will be Aug 31. He is finalizing a contract for a travel nursing position in an ER in Texas right now, and looks like AZ or NM in the fall/winter. We are leaving Deer Park on Sept 1. We are going on vacation til Sept 15, visiting my parents and just resting (at Disneyland).  We know this life is temporary and heaven is forever so we keep our eyes focused on the cross and we stay the course...

Saturday, August 17, 2013

garage sale Day 2

We are much lighter after our first days sale! day 2 underway! i can see mountains on the horizon...

Thursday, August 15, 2013

preparing for our journey

everyday we get so much accomplished in preparation for our journey! today was no different, shopped for and bought kelley a car. then arranged ins too. craiglisted more stuff and prepped for garage sale! our hot summer days are full. steve will give his 2 week resignation and now it is time to tell announce our plans to everyone !

garage sale

we are selling everything but our souls! It's time! 

Friday, August 9, 2013

The edge is near...

The jumping off point that is... It's so close and we can see it now. We are all excited and scared to death. In this moment we are just packing, cleaning, selling, planning, finalizing appointments, and saying our goodbyes for now.... Sept 1 is right around the corner.

Friday, August 2, 2013

Dental work, cat surgery, eye exams, haircuts, and storage unit secured

All in one day... Time is ticking away and we are trying to get a lot of final things accomplished. Somehow we knocked some biggies out yesterday! God has answered all our prayers and continues to move obstacles out of our way! 4 weeks and counting...