Thursday, April 24, 2014

Christmas at Knott's Berry Farm 2013

Ok, just one more blog about our December California Vacation, then I'm all caught up. I just want to remember these good days forever...
So, here we are traveling to Washington a jeep with everything we own and 2 cats. I scored a great deal on a pet friendly LaQuinta ($79) a few blocks away from the Disney Parks, so we are set for the week. I can kennel the cats during the day and we can check back in on them from time to time. It's a great hotel if you are traveling with animals. Otherwise we would be at the Marriott or Disneyland Hotel.
  On the road we have stayed at mostly LaQuintas. They have been very accommodating to all our needs. Overall, it's amazing how smooth our travels have been with the cats.Thank goodness...
Steve's next assignment is in Tacoma ,Wa and doesn't begin until 12/9/2013. We can't check into our new apt. before 12/7/2013 and it looks like we are making good travel time...
so we decided to spend just one more day in sunny California! So glad we did as this is the last time we would see sunshine like this for the next 5 months.
Knott's Berry Farm was an easy choice with lot's of thrill rides and a western theme.
 After 3 lovely days in the Disney Parks we were pleased to see that at Knott's Berry Farm the prices were lower and so were the crowds...

Here we are at the entrance on 12/4/2013

Even Spencer was smiling when he saw all the rollercoasters in the distance!

They rode them over and crowds today,
and look at that sunshine!

one of their favorites... The Xcelerator

This ride shoots off at 70 miles and hour...

Thumbs up on the Supreme Scream!

 That's me saying...Hold

He loved it!

another favorite ride...don't remember the name, that's Steve and Spencer in the front seat! 

Riding the Old Train and waiting for the "train robbers"

Sitting in a "chuckwagon" watching a wild west show! 

My wonderful husband who makes this whole thing possible...

Judge Roy Bean's place...

and my favorite ...lots of shops with so many Christmas items...I love this little Disney town...
We also bought some jellies and candies.
There were also local artisans and pioneer era craftsmen as well. 
It was a fun relaxing day and a nice break from the crazy Disney crowds.
(but I still love all things Disney)

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