Wednesday, June 10, 2015

A Short Year Ago

We found ourselves landing right smack dab here in the high desert of Nevada.
A very soft smooth landing into an amazing comfortable apartment and assignment.
Our first thought was... what have we gotten ourselves into?
The nothingness is quite shocking at first, well mostly because we are big city folk.
But as time went on...
 The desert became our friend and the quiet was less deafening.
In fact, it became a comfort.
The stars spoke to us nightly...
The mountains surrounded us with protection...
The air filled our lungs with freedom...
and slowly we found peace we never imagined existed.
Maybe its not all that we said. 
Maybe the desert is just a lonely stop on life's highway.
Just 5 months later we said goodbye to our temporary Nevada home and headed back to Texas...
To our loved ones. 
To our real home.
To our friends and family.
 To shopping and dining.
And unfortunately to crime and traffic.
But alas, it was short lived. 
The west was calling our name again, ever tugging at our hearts. 
We returned 4 months later...
And yes, the desert is still a comforting and peaceful place.
 the perfect place for a dreamer and stargazer like me...

Not our forever home though...
Just our pretend home away from home...
Til we get back home, to Texas, that is...


  1. This is the second assignment there? How long are you guys there this time around?

    1. yes! sorry for the delay in responding. Hubby is working a critical access hospital til november! he loves it and we love living in the vast wide open desert! enjoy your adventures!