Friday, April 11, 2014

Mt. Rainier

Sometimes...and I mean sometimes, when the stars align and the sky is clear we can get a glimpse of magnificent Mt. Rainier from right here in Tacoma. It is enormous, but due to the trees and the weather we cannot see it just everyday.  On 3/12/2014, It was a clear sunny day and we ventured out on one of our driving excursions, (and of course we were without the "big" camera) when all of a sudden... The heavens opened and lo and behold... 

The most lovely view appeared...

in a field next to a little church on State Route 7
driving from Pacific Street in Tacoma.

We stopped in the parking lot
to hike into the muddy field for a better view!

the warm sunlight was blinding!

on an absolutely gorgeous spring day...

with the most amazing view of Mt. Rainier as of yet!

On dark rainy days, this reminds me why we travel.
This is one of those moments I want to remember forever...

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