Friday, April 25, 2014

Comfort Zone

We tippy toe just on the edge of our comfort zone, because well, it's scary out there. Our past life was predictable, organized, Our new life puts us in unpredictable, unplanned and sometimes even unsafe situations. How we react in that fleeting moment is everything. We have but one opportunity in a split second to respond. Sometimes we have an idea of how things may be but honestly in the blink of a eye...there's no time to think, we must act. Can I think fast enough to respond with love and compassion to strangers? how do I keep fear from controlling my decisions? and is it fear that's keeping me safe or is it fear that's hindering my adventure?
I witnessed my 11yr old son leaving his comfort zone in Portland this past weekend. I'm glad I was just out of arms reach because I may have intervened and prevented a small act of kindness. When opportunity presented itself, he didn't ignore it, he didn't stop and think, he didn't wait...he just reacted without fear and without being prompted. His reaction was to give and he didn't hesitate. It was only leftover pizza and it was just an average homeless kid, but my son gave from his heart with what he had in his hand...unplanned, unorganized, and possibly unsafe...
For just one second he left his comfort zone and it was ok.

Now back to our adventure...

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