Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Under the Weather

We are rarely ill which is a good thing.
But when are...
Lookout because it's usually a humdinger of a sickness.
We eat good, rest good, exercise, take vitamins, etc...
But every few years we each get hit with something we just can't fight off.
Ugh, I hate it when that happens.
Just last year I succumbed to a nasty UTI that became septic and landed me 4 days in a PICU Unit.
Not good.
Most people don't know that I live with Type 2 Diabetes and I take handfuls of pills 
twice a day just to maintain my health.

My doctors in Texas have been supportive of our travel life and have given me a years worth of prescription refills at a time so I am able to refill my medication as needed wherever we are.
I can maintain, but really not gaining any ground against diabetes.
So, when a nasty germ comes along...
I can't fight it off as well as others. 
I think I do a good job being compliant as my sweet ER Nurse hubby says.
But still, every once in a while I fall off the salad wagon, we party like rock stars, 
I eat too many baked potatoes then I become ill and it takes me more time to get over it.
It's a vicious cycle but I've learned what to expect with this crazy diabetes.
I could fight harder... I so would like to win this war.
But when my sweetheart gets a bug it's a whole 'nother story...
So hard to see him down.
He's always the strong one...
Taking care of others and always taking care of me.
Thank goodness he rarely catches anything from the ER.
But somehow he caught something this time around. 
Of course this happens on the week he is scheduled to work 6 shifts in a row.
Most likely just a nasty virus...
But Ugh!
He never ever calls in, just works through it somehow.
Travel nursing does not afford any personal time off or sick days 
so he always goes to work come hell or high water.
I half expected to get a call last night that he was admitted, 
But he wasn't.
He spent the night taking care of people half as sick as he is...
So dedicated my sweetheart!
Walmart pharmacy here we come to shop your over the counter remedies...
And I'm the nurse now...
And for the record...
Nurses do not make good patients!

Saturday, March 14, 2015

Extension Granted

So... An infusion of temporary security just occurred at the honey hole.
That was fast.
Yeah we just got here 5 weeks ago but
Steve knows right away if it's a good fit for us.
 An extension is just what we need to make the most of this assignment
and to give mama a little dose of serenity for the moment.
Especially since we coordinated our own rental housing 
complete with security deposits and pet fees. 
It just makes good sense to extend right now.
13 weeks goes by way too fast anyway.
Now this gives us ample time to plan some fun excursions this summer.
Not to mention the satisfaction my sweet hubby has with his career.
It's so good when all these things come together at once.
Steve has always been offered an extension early on in his past assignments
but never accepted one this early in the game.
After a disappointing contract in Kingwood...
I think we just need this right now.
Not tomorrow...
Just today...
Just 5 blissful months of the known.
Since we know more grand adventures are lurking just over the horizon
and lots of unknown awaits us in the future.
We are reminded every day how fragile this travel nursing life is...
How fast contracts can be made and cancelled.
How easy it is to be caught in a difficult contract.
How long 13 weeks can be in a bad contract.
How fortunate we are right this very moment to have a good contract.
We are thankful for this and
We know every bit of it is temporary and
We will travel elsewhere soon and
We will be excited and ready to go when that day comes.
But right now we are enjoying every minute of this lovely peaceful assignment
 In the high desert at the honey hole.

Wednesday, March 11, 2015

The Star Broiler Steakhouse

We've celebrated yet another milestone together as we travel.
Our 15th anniversary was a solemn one. 
No balloons, cakes, family dinners...
 Just the 2 of us at a quiet intimate dinner.
Since Steve has taken on more shifts at the honey hole 
we were thankful just to find an evening we could share together alone.
I searched for a local steakhouse with good reviews and found one in a surprising place.
The Star broiler Steakhouse
Smack dab in a shady little casino, lol.
The restruant is surprisingly quiet with relaxing music and nice table settings.
We were seated in a dimly lit intimate booth and immediately served iced water with bread/butter.
(Btw, I love Nevada water, tastes so good to me.)
I must have drank about 4 glasses.
We were impressed right away with our attentive waitress and even more impressed with the menu...
Mine was easy...go with the coconut prawns entree.
Steve chose a filet.
Out came our salads... Perfect.
Then the main! 

The west coast prawns are huge and meaty, but still tender. So good.
Steve's filet was good too. 

Yay! So we will definately be back! 
Wonderful evening out with the most wonderful man I know.
I could go on and on about my amazing loving hubby but I'll stop here and just say that...
I am so blessed to share my life with him as we travel our journey together! 
Now on to more adventures...

Friday, March 6, 2015


In travel nursing...
There is none.
Am I insecure right now?
It comes and goes...but I guess...
 No, not at this very moment since we are currently within a solid assignment and great housing.
Although at any time either one of these could be cancelled.
We've had one hospital cancel Steve's contract just days before arrival so we know it's possible.
Because of this, I tend to stay on edge until we are about a month in
and Steve has a good feel for the hospital.
Should he extend or run immediately?
He usually can tell right off the bat so that's good.
Once settled we are able to plan our fun excursions in the area.
Sometimes we are in the wrong season for sightseeing or visiting the national parks.
So we just enjoy what we can at the moment.
Honestly though when the current assignment is coming to a close and Steve is interviewing for a new hospital and there is too much unknown...
I tend to fall somewhere between excitement and fear for my life.
Do we worry about the future?
Sure, like always.
Are we afraid?
Yes at times, but as we travel longer
we are getting better at this so there is less fear on our end.
Do things go wrong?
Sure, just like always...but
Since we have less material things we have less opportunity for problems.
Is this healthy?
 Not sure, lol, but it's exciting!
The fear, excitement, independence and lack of security are all just a part of it.
Each assignment we learn to be even more flexible than we were before
as we are constantly tweaking plan A as to how and where we live.
Never knowing where the next assignment may lead...
Each day we turn our eyes to the heavens...
We thank God for our crazy good life together.
We pray and listen for God's confirmation.
We research, plan and try to make good decisions.
We rely on God's guidance to direct our paths where we find
our safety, security, and freedom in this temporary life.