Sunday, April 6, 2014

Living in Tacoma

Sometimes this whole adventure seems weird, everything here in Tacoma is weird and foreign...some days are a real struggle to find that comfort zone. We try to be adventurous but I find myself slipping back into the known when I can. When I say weird, I really just mean different. Life is good here and I wouldn't change a thing. I'm so grateful for this journey, but nothing has been the same or even similar since Sept.1, 2013. Here's a few of our new Dives...

Blazing Onion and the All American Burger! 

Dickey's BBQ

The best Ice Cream in the Pacific Northwest... Umpqua!

Legendary Doughnuts

No, it's not Shipley's! 

These are gourmet doughnuts, and they are really good!

and pricey...this box $22.00

Spencer's fav... the bacon topped doughnut! 

located on historic 6th street with a lovely old church next door!

this is the area of town that you have to park on the street and walk!

Love this area of Old Tacoma! 

My fav, Tacoma Goodwill!

and a familiar fav, Michael's!

Elmer's breakfast is great!

Good bacon, reminds us of Kelley's in Pasadena.

Feeling adventurous, I even sampled the clam chowder at lunch and it was sooo good! 

Shari's for their chocolate cream pie! 

Franz Tillamook Cheese Bagels with Cream Cheese! Yummy!

Super Smash Video Game Store, Spencer's gonna miss this place! 

this store has a lot of hard to find vintage games and systems!

Krispy Kreme...good but not Shipley's either, lol!

Buffalo Wild Wings! close, but not the same as Texas!

Rock Wood Fired Pizza! 

Hard Rock themed Pizza Place! 

Good pizza, but it was so dark in here, I could barely see, lol

Just down the street, Dorky's Arcade.

This is an old game room with vintage games!

located in an old brick building!
We really enjoyed this evening, but our Jeep was vandalized and we got a $25 parking ticket, ugh
Just part of the adventure!

Fry sauce...yuck
they serve it with anything fried...I just don't like it yet!

and the price for anything familiar is high! 
but sometimes you just need a taste of home...

We even have a Sonic, It's new and the prices are jacked up!

Tacoma Nature Center...hidden trails right in the city!

a great place to get lost and wander around.

There's so much to do here, I doubt we see everything we want to see before we leave June 7. 

We've also been enjoying lots of familiar places too, like 
Outback Steakhouse, Red Robin, Five Guys Burgers, Olive Garden,  BJ's Brewhouse, Chipotle, and all the regular nation wide fast food joints.

Arby's is one of the best...and right around the corner!
Taco Bell doesn't taste quite right... wendy's is good, but expensive here...the homeless congregate in McDonalds... 
and Spencer gave the local Burger King a thumbs up! 
oh, and did I mention coffee...

I have yet to get a bad cup of coffee up here...even the McDonald's coffee is better! 
Then there's the Emerald Queen Casino, but that's a whole other blog entry all by itself! lol

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