Monday, October 13, 2014

Goodbye Winnemucca

Don't let the door hit ya on the way out.
14 months is a long time to be away from home.
I have been ready to leave for the last 6 weeks and today is the one week mark!
Yes! We are leaving Nevada and heading to Texas in 1 week.
I'm sure it will drag and seem like the longest 7 days of my life!
Steve says that I'm a little too harsh.
Maybe, but I'm being truthful.
Overall, Nevada wasn't bad to us...
Maybe we were bad to Nevada? 
lol, always comparing it to Texas.
That's not fair since there's no comparison.
has been our least favorite location on our west coast adventure.
We loved Sparks, Reno and Lake Tahoe and so thankful 
we were able to travel to California to see San Fransisco and Yosemite too!
But the life here is so different from Texas,
sinful and free, so slow moving...
The sky so vast and empty
The desert so beautiful and barren,
The night air so clear and cold...
so dark that moonlight
and stars are the only light 
you can see...
all happening at once!
Full of the nothingness that is Nevada.
I did try to embrace it but it ended up just being a 
lonely money making star gazing stop in the desert.
That's all I have to say about Winnemucca
Til we meet again...Doubt it.
Now we begin our countdown to our final road trip as we travel back to Texas.
We're so thankful for these days but we're tired and ready to be home!

Thursday, October 9, 2014

Blood Moon Lunar Eclipse

One of the perks of living in the high desert is the unlimited opportunity for stargazing!
In July I was able to view the super moon from my front porch
and it was a glorious sight to behold.

Another spectacular event took place just yesterday on Wednesday October 8, 2014...
I was met with a rare opportunity to witness such a bucket list event...

 The skies so clear the air so crisp and a million stars sparkling...
Beyond blessed with a once in a lifetime view...

Simply amazing and so breathtaking.
I awoke about 3 am with hopes of seeing it in the northwest sky and lo and behold...

There it was!

The vast clear skies of Nevada offers some of the best viewing opportunities in the US.

All the phases of the lunar eclipse slowly revealed itself
over the course of the next few hours and wow!

Beginning with a blood moon rising and ending with a big finale of a huge bright full moon!

The most amazing moment was hearing coyotes howling and then what sounded like a kill. Goosebumps all over... Nature is so amazing out here in Nevada.

Later that evening I noticed how bright the full moon was but I didn't take any pictures.
So, this morning I wake up and do what I always do.
I go to the window and open it to feel the cool desert breeze and lo and behold ...

here we go again...
another amazing clear cold morning in the desert

with the full moon setting on Winnemucca Mountain right in my backyard !

Friends, for the record, I'm a christian, a dreamer, a stargazer...
I'm not a writer nor a photographer.
I write from my perspective so I can remember these good days forever.
I take pictures with my handy dandy canon powershot sx50.
All of these photos I took from my front porch or through the window screen of my bedroom,
 never even leaving my apartment.
I count each day a gift and this 14 month west coast adventure of mine,
well it's a once in a lifetime chance to see God's handiwork over and over again...

Wednesday, October 1, 2014


Everything we do matters.
My freedom to choose is a powerful thing.
So powerful that it reconciles my past and determines my future.
Today is the culmination of all my past choices!
That means the choices we make today are super important.
It's that time again when one contract is ending and a new one beginning...
When we choose the next destination of our adventure. Today we make decisions regarding our future, our careers and our housing.
Such decisions requiring much consideration and prayer.
So today...
We choose freedom over slavery!
We choose living over existing! 
We choose light and love and 
peace and joy! 
Today we choose hope as we continue on our life's journey. 
Today we choose this life and we pray God's blessings as we travel this road home.