Tuesday, April 8, 2014

February Snow Event

So, Feb 8, 2014 brought us another winter wonderland!  
The forecast called for snowy conditions in the lowlands...(that's Tacoma).
It regularly snows everyday in the higher elevations about 30 minutes from here, 
but rarely this close to sea level.

It began as a light dusting about 8 pm and continued all night...

The snowfall became heavier and heavier...

The next morning 2/9/14 I awoke to this ...


These are pictures I took from our balcony!

From every direction, all I see is Christmas Trees! 

Spencer has seen more snow in his short lifetime than me! 

 My Tacoma snowball

This Texan needs "How to Build a Snowman" lessons! 

I just scooped the snow from our balcony railing! lol

We ventured out to the Mall! 
That's our Apt in the background

More lovely Christmas Trees...

More balcony views...

The whole city is covered under a blanket of icy cold snow!

The snow lasted about 3 days and melted into a slushy snow cone mess and
 another Pacific Northwest Memory for us that we will remember forever!

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