Saturday, April 25, 2015

April Snow

I spoke too soon about the warm spring weather, lol.

We woke up this morning 4/25/15 to light rain that turned quickly into snow showers.

Here's a peek of my backyard.
I usually have a lovely mountain view 
like this...

So for the last 3 hours we have had snow steadily falling...

Sometimes even big fluffy flakes too!
In just the month of April we have had more snow than in the all of Winter.
Another little snowstorm blew through on Thursday 4/8/15
and it left a beautiful dusting of snow on the mountains...

Yeah, snow in April.

We also had another spring storm on Tuesday 4/14/15.

A lovely reminder of God's power and a gorgeous view of his handiwork.

We are so blessed to receive it.

The icy crisp air smells so good and leaves the desert seemingly clean and refreshed.

So amazing to be here in Nevada in the Springtime.
We are looking forward to some nice warm weather soon. So soon that I booked us a camping trip to Yellowstone!
It will be here in no time.
So until then I am dreaming, planning, hoping for spring to arrive and stay for a while!

Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Health and Fitness

It's really suffered being on the road.
We have enjoyed visiting so many different places and partaking in their local cuisine.
I mean how can I stay focused when we visit amazing hotels with gorgeous buffets?
Like this...
The Atlantis Hotel
With rows and rows of steak, seafood, salads, fruit, vegetables, Asian and Mexican cuisine etc...
So many foods to choose from and
That serves amazing deserts!
Like this...

I have fallen off the healthy wagon over and over again and it has to stop.
We just spent 4 lovely days in Reno and I feel like I've been submerged underwater, lol
Finally coming up to the surface for air.
Yeah it was that good.
Per Spencer's request, we also paid a visit to Buffalo Wild Wings,
A donut shop that had kolaches,
And The Hard Rock Cafe at
Lake Tahoe.
Prior to our travel life...
I always followed a strict diet and I went to the gym at least 5 days a week.
Really working out hard for 2 solid hours.
Ugh, but now it just comes in waves. 
When the opportunity presents itself and the mood strikes me.
Rarely happens at the same time.
I have to do better and that means saying no.
I mean really saying no to foods I shouldn't eat and exercising daily.
I had such willpower but these last few years I've been really bad at taking care of me.
Sure I look the same but my numbers are bad.
My sugar has been too high and the ICU visit last year really scared me.
So while we are stationary at the moment, 
I've decided to take matters in my own hands and boy am I sore.
I hit up the internet for all types of ideas and 
I never realized what a great exercise resource you tube is.
We listen to music and all but I never thought to look for workout programs.
There are a ton of them and all free! 
I found so many short quick easy videos to get started.
It has really helped me get back into a routine of exercise.
I've even been pretty good about eating healthier.
I'm back on my protein drinks and salads and I already feel better.
Spencer bought a small weight set and I've been using the lighter weights
and I can already tell the difference. 
I expect the challenge to continue but at least I'm not ignoring it anymore.
That in itself is a relief. 
Now if the Easter goodies would just go

Sunday, April 5, 2015

Springtime in Nevada

Happy Easter to all our friends and family!
Another holiday without our kids and grandkids, ugh!
I miss them so.
But I did fix some Easter goodies for my son and I'll spend the day calling, face timing, chatting, skyping, texting, emailing, facebooking and using any other communication device I can
To visit with them all today!
Thank goodness for modern technology!

Yeah, that's a popcorn bucket and not an Easter basket for my tween! lol
Spring has finally sprung here in Nevada.
Although it's still really cold, like in the 20's last night
and we still have snow in the forecast...

It's officially Spring!!!
And getting warmer and warmer each afternoon.
Rising well into the 60's...
And the sunshine!
With breathtaking sunrises and sunsets.
We've been waiting for these warm sunny days for weeks!
We did not get to view the blood moon yesterday,
It was too cloudy.
Usually I have the best view from my window but not this time.
Steve is working a bunch of shifts right now but 
He has a stretch of days off coming up so we are heading to 
Sparks for shopping, 
Reno for lodging and 
Lake Tahoe for a 4 day getaway! 
Hopefully I'll have some new pictures to share.
We're glad to get outta dodge for a while...
But what I'm really excited about is planning our summer trips to 
Idaho, Wyoming and Utah! 
Oh my goodness! 
These are places we've never seen before and 
I want to make sure we pack as much fun 
in our days off as possible.
We've also got a few local day trips planned as well. 
Today, though, it's work as usual for Steve.
Homeschool for Spencer and
Netflix for me as we dream of warmer days ahead.

Thursday, April 2, 2015

Getting Lost

As we travel more extensively we find that there are more opportunities to be lost.
Just temporarily.
Can't find the map, read the map or the map is wrong.
No cell service, 3G or 4g.
For just a moment we experience a strange combination of excitement and fear.
That brief second that we truly don't know where we are.
We enjoy travel and we enjoy being lost from time to time.
Turning onto roads that we are not familiar with and finding ourselves in strange places.
Not knowing what is over the horizon.
Anticipating the next curve.
Taking it slow and breathing in the moment.
Exploring unknown accidental destinations.
It's good for your soul to wander.
Going on adventures has been so good for us.
We have accidentally seen some marvelous sights just wandering around.

Waking up and deciding to go explore,
Not having a rigid plan for the day...
Just driving in any direction...
Seeing places we've never seen before nor will ever see again.
This vast open desert gives us hours upon hours of
Unlimited opportunities to just be lost.
To be alone with our thoughts and enjoy solitude for just a moment...
Wandering til we find ourselves back on familiar roads where our 4g kicks back in and
We arrive back into the known and we are once again safe and sound.
Suddenly no longer lost but found.