Thursday, April 10, 2014

Our Northern Exposure in Roslyn, Wa

Sometimes we go on adventures by accident, without planning, without our winter gear and without our cameras. We literally get in the car and just drive. There's so much beautiful country to see and much of it is within an hour of our Apt. 

3/7/2104 seemed like an average day. Steve was off work and wanted to go for a drive, we hopped in the jeep and headed north to Seattle, I thought. Then he headed east on 90. We drove for about 20 minutes and all of a sudden...we were in a snowy pass...

lots of snow and trees...

but the roads were he kept driving.

20 more minutes and we ended up here...

Cicely, Alaska

Also known as Roslyn, Wa for all you NX fans!

I am so excited to be here even with dirty hair, no coat, and no camera except for my

my sweetheart has my back, he's taking my picture!

and it's cold...see the snow on the ground at Minnifield Communications.

Maybe Maurice is there in his office, everything looks like time stood still...

KBHR... home of Chris in the morning!

There's Dr. Fleischman's office! 
It's a quaint gift shop now $$
Marilyn...where are you? 

I'm keeping an eye out for Janine Turner too!

Just as I thought we were leaving... Steve surprised me again!
We are eating at the The Brick!

We shared the lunch special, French Dip, but no sign of Holling or Shelley!

I was secretly hoping to see Ed drinking a root beer at the bar!

One last walk around the block before we head back to Tacoma!

I hope we can stop back by when we leave in June. 
These Iphone pics don't do it justice and there's much more to see in Roslyn.

I'm loving my Northern Exposure!

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