Thursday, February 5, 2015


The first stop on our Nevada roadtrip was Weatherford, Texas. 
On 2/2/2015, We spent the better part of the morning just 
cleaning out our Kingwood apartment and checking out! 
We left about 10:30 am and made the short 5 hour drive to Weatherford.
Here we are less crowded in our new truck...
Spencer holding a cat in his lap!

and I just noticed the light sabor sticking out of the backpack!
We never travel without one...never know when you might need it!
Of course, we went straight to the Laquinta, checked in, unloaded what had to be unloaded 
and went to run some errands... 
On the short list...visiting my parents, banking, and tire repair! 
We usually stay with my parents, but they have been ill and need to rest.
We had a good visit with them and we will be back by when we return to Texas.
Whew, got it all done and even went to Buffalo Wild Wings as per Spencer's request!
We hit the hay and had a good night's sleep so we could rise and shine early for the longest leg of our journey...tomorrow's destination Albuquerque, NM.


  1. What hospital are you working at in NM? University?

  2. Hubby had a contract lined up in espanola, but at the last minute his much desired Nevada contract came through so we are Nevada bound at the moment!