Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Snoqualmie Falls

We've learned that it rains here. It just does. Sometimes for days and days on end.
So if we sit around and wait for the perfect sunny day to leave the apt, well... we would still be waiting and waiting and waiting...but it has happened on rare occasions.
Sunday 4/6/14 was not that day! 
Our time here is short...only about 8 weeks left so we decide to venture out in the cold misty rain. 
Around noon I packed a lunch, we grabbed our coats, remembered the big camera, and headed out!  We have been wanting to drive up to Snoqualmie to see the Waterfalls. So, I guess today is as good as any! We've been told that the waterfalls freeze over in the winter and when the ice melts in the spring it is quite a sight to behold.
It was a really nice slick straight shot drive up I5 to SR 18 West Valley Hwy all the way to Snoqualmie.
Wow! This is a beautiful area...and the first new construction we have seen in Washington State...lots of new housing and restaurants popping up all over. We decide to stop at the falls first!

The short walk from the parking lot to the observation deck greeted us with lush local ferns!
So much greenery!

A picturesque footbridge leads over the main road.

We can hear the rushing sound of the water before we can see it!

It is breathtaking...

There is such a mist in the air...

Glad I brought my coat or I would be soaked.

 I captured a big smile from this guy!

 magnificent...I'm just speechless

so vast, so strong, so powerful...


The moss grows right up to the edge on the rocks.

and the smell is so fresh and clean...

Steve bought a coffee to warm up!

You can hike down and view smaller waterfalls...but the muddy trail stopped us today!

A nice history and explanation about the waterfall use as a power plant for the area.

One last peek...

Now onto the Railroad Station

Let's ride the train today. 

It's opening weekend with a short route and a $2 ticket!


It's a 100 year old Train

complete with an authentic train track switch!

With a real passenger train car...

vintage seating!

very old and in need of some repair...

but so nostalgic!

Love these Volunteers!

They made this visit great!

The Conductor spoke to everyone as he punched their tickets the old fashioned way!

the sun was trying to peek out!

Look Spencer... the Nintendo warehouse in North Bend!

Blurry happy iphone pics!

The sun popped out long enough to have our picnic!

So glad the rain stopped for a while.
Next stop the candy shop then back home.
I love simple days like this ...

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