Monday, April 7, 2014

One Lovely Friday in Seattle

So, one lovely Friday in Seattle, 2/7/14 we visited the RV Show at Century Link Field Event Center. It was a sunny day so we decided to have lunch and do some more sightseeing! We ate at Jimmy's on First, a Steakhouse...Then enjoyed a nice walk back to the parking garage. 

Steve at Safeco Field

Seahawks 12th Man Flag!

This is where the Mariners play!

See this sunny sky! Let's visit the Space Needle!
We already had our Seattle City Pass so let's go!

It's really cold up here! 

But the view... was so worth it...

One of the guides pointed us in the direction of Canada. 

You can actually see it on a clear day like today! 

aaah mountains...

Mt. Rainier 

Time to warm up with a coffee inside the observation deck!

Let's head over to the EMP Museum!

 EMP = Experience Music Project 

and Pop Culture Museum!


These two really enjoyed it! 

Star Wars, Star Trek, Legos...Oh My!

Quite the Engineers here...

Lego Space Needle, Wow!

Spencer found a souvenir too,
from Pacific Rim!

The EMP Museum was really overwhelming to me and unfortunately I didn't take many pictures.
It's well worth a visit and we could have spent more time here! 
That Seattle City Pass is a great deal!

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