Wednesday, January 14, 2015


The weather has been so nasty here.
We are so sick of it.
Days upon days of sunless dreary cold rain...
What are we even doing here?
Spending time with our family... That is all.
Certainly not to enjoy the Texas weather which I have so longed for...
Ugh, we are so discouraged by so many things right now.
I hate seeing all the rigmarole that Steve has to go through while securing a new assignment.
This time around... I'm not convinced it's even worth it.
That's proof how tired we are right now.
So discouraged that we are contemplating a permanent full time job in Texas, again.
We do this every once in a while when the 
romantic notion of travel nursing starts weighing us down. 
We begin re evaluating everything.
Some days are hard.... Like today.
Some days are wonderful... Like our yesterdays.
But hopefully tomorrow will be better...
We just keep praying and wait and see.

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