Sunday, September 14, 2014

San Francisco Part 2

Today is another big day of sightseeing and experiencing San Francisco! 
I have to have my coffee first thing so I headed down to the lobby to see what they offer for breakfast.
Fruit and coffee.
That was all, but they do have a restaurant on site...
Cafe Pescatore
so we kicked the day off with a great breakfast at our hotel!
We both ordered different omelets with potatoes and toast.

The service was wonderful!
We enjoyed a window seat as we watched the city wake up on a busy Friday morning.
The portions were huge so I immediately boxed up half of my meal for Spencer.
He was sleeping late in the hotel room!
Did I mention how fabulous our room was? 
I wish we had one more day here, I'm not ready to check out yet!
I found a cozy corner and wrote out some postcards, yes I still mail postcards when I can.
We have some family members and friends who don't facebook or text 
so I have to keep in touch with them the old fashioned way!
We took our time gathering our things and saying our goodbyes to our lovely 
Tuscan inn
Now time for some more sightseeing! 
We have a big list to tackle today! 
We plan on visiting the Golden Gate Bridge, The Presidio, Lombard St, Coit Tower, AT&T Park, and anything else that crosses our path!
Our first plan of attack is the Golden Gate Bridge!
The parking was crazy but we got a spot!
As we walked toward the bridge we started snapping and we took a jillion fabulous pics! 
I'm having a hard time condensing them, editing them and just letting the ok ones go! 

Me and my sweetheart!
It has to be the most romantic picturesque place in the world!
Spencer loves the 60D camera and he is quite the photographer!

Thanks to some kind British visitors for taking our picture!
This is a memory I'll treasure forever!
Even the walk from the parking lot to the bridge is wonderful!

Once we got on the bridge the views were fantastic! 

There was a surfer in the water, sea lions, the coast guard, lots of sightseeing boats,
and an incredible view of Alcatraz, the Bay Bridge and the City! 

and a reminder...

just in case.

There was so much history too!
We walked all over the Park and read all the great information!

A lesson like no other... you can't read this in a book!
Our time is up so we headed to the park store and picked up a few goodies.
We made sandwiches and had a picnic too!
Then on to the next stop...The Presidio
I didn't take any pictures because I opened an iced coffee and spilled it all over myself...
but here are some great links to this historic park, fort, and cemetery!
The grounds are historic and sacred.
We drove all through it and it resembles an old landscaped college campus.
So lush and beautiful...
No times to waste as we are on a super tight schedule...
Fortunately we were already on Lombard Street so we just continued on until we found
the crookedest part of the street.

here's a view from Coit Tower

We drove down it and it was packed with tourists! 
So fun!
I made a video but don't know how to upload it, bummer.
We came down Lombard and found ourselves near the entrance to Coit Tower on Telegraph Hill!

The views up here are great!

So many interesting sights...

lol even the San Francisco potties are interesting!

It took 3 people to figure it out! lol

On the way out of town we drove by the new AT & T Ball Park

It was near the Bay Bridge!

When we came into San Francisco we were on the upper part of the bridge,
leaving we found ourselves driving on the underneath! 

Now it's time to hit the road...
We have hotel reservations tonight in Mariposa, Ca 
so we can visit Yosemite National Park bright and early!

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