Saturday, September 13, 2014

San Francisco Part 1

After a fun afternoon at Alcatraz Island we were tired and hungry. 
We were on foot and decided to walk down to the Fisherman's Wharf.
We happened upon the Hard Rock Cafe and Spencer scored another Tshirt!
We are starving at this point but we continued on to find some seafood, finally we cane upon a nice little place for dinner that reminded us of Kemah.
Pier Market at Pier 39
The food was fabulous and we had a window table with a view of the San Francisco Bay.
Everything was fresh and we could see the raw seafood being prepared! wow!
For some reason I didn't take any was that good I guess.
After a fabulous dinner we decided to take a look at the restaurants and shops.

Of course we had to walk through a candy shop!

With renewed energy we decided to take a walk to the 
cable car turn around

This took us through the Fisherman's Wharf!
Finally seeing this historic area for myself!
It was all lit up at dusk!
We saw Ghiradelli and so many historic restaurants on the way!
I don't know how many blocks we walked but eventually we found the cable car turn around

We got on and what a ride it was!

We ventured all through town and into chinatown, the financial district, union square and I don't know exactly where all we went! lol

Steve was riding on the outside and trying to take pictures! 

We got on and off twice!

We watched the turn around a couple of times.
I even made a video but it won't upload to my blog!
So interesting to see it still done by hand!

The city was lit up like Christmas...beautiful!

Such a fun experience and soon it will be just a memory...
But now we are really exhausted and we have another big day in the morning!
Time to head back to our hotel
Best Wester Tuscan Inn
I'll be blogging next about our visit to the Golden Gate Bridge!

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