Friday, September 12, 2014

Alcatraz Island Part 2

So after wandering all over the Island we finally trekked up to the Cell house. 
It was a good hike up there...
There is a great audio tour that shares a ton of information!

We walked through the showers to the start of the audio tour...
headsets for everyone and in every language! 

and here we are...ready to see the inside of the prison...

Cold, dark and solid.
We could hear the sounds of the prison on the our headsets...just like it was still in use.
Prisoners and guards talking...
cell doors slamming...

we walked the entire cell block...

Here's the isolation area

We even went into the open cells...scary

This is the premium unit...complete with sunshine!

The center of the cell house lovingly referred to as Times Square.

Steve enjoys the history lesson...
me... I'm already on information overload.

The Battle of Alcatraz

Markings from the Battle still on the floor.

This tour is really well thought out.
We really got our money's worth on this tour.
So much information to absorb all at once...

The whole island is run by this power plant, interesting. 
We also viewed the outside recreation area and the dining hall too.

Spencer found an outside bench to listen and relax.
He's in deep thought processing all this information at once. 
Me too, I think this is where I took the headphones off, lol

Remains of the Indian occupation on the Water Tower.

Historic buildings towering high above the island

Another picturesque lighthouse near the dock.

This cannon is in the guardhouse.

The guard tower lookout.

Building 64 where the guards and their families lived.

Now Alcatraz Island is part of the National Parks System.

Time to get back on the boat to San Francisco and Pier 33.

One last view as we are leaving,
I can't get enough of the ice cold blue water
 and I cannot imagine anyone trying to escape and swim across the bay either...
Now it's time for a seafood dinner and more San Francisco fun...
Riding the Cable Cars!

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