Friday, September 26, 2014

God Bless Texas

We have been gone from the great State of Texas for the better part of the last year! 
And oh how we miss it...
and our family and friends and all the yummy affordable foods.
Too many things to list because I know I will leave something out.
But I can tell you this...
We have not found good brisket since we crossed the stateline into the nether world.
Dickey's bbq in Tacoma, Wa was good, but not great by our standards.
We need to eat Texas beef.
This beef they sell up here is pricey and tastes gross.
It might even be fake... Not sure.
No one knows what a kolache one... It's sad.
How do you describe the jalapeño sausage and cheese breakfast pastry goodness?
and... No! ... Piggies in a blanket don't cut it!
We found Krispy Kreme donuts but no Shipley's.
I can't wait to bite into a fresh chocolate filled donut, lol,
or a warm plain glazed...
And don't get me started on Mexican food...
We need chips, yellow queso and green sauce ASAP with
Pork tamales and cheese enchiladas swimming in queso, please!
I NEED to go to HEB immediately for some real marinated fajita meat...
And my pulled pork sandwiches just aren't the same without HEB raspberry chipotle sauce!
And oh how I miss Texas strawberries, oranges and watermelons...
The fruits and veggies they sell here are sub standard at best.
And don't forget ice cream...Umpqua was really good and the absolute best there is in Washington,
but Blue Bell ice cream...It's the best in Texas!
I need tubs of it in all favors...
even the mini sandwiches would be good too!
Now for the weather...
SUNSHINE...not this lame cloud break stuff either...
I've worn out 3 hoodies this year dealing with the high of 72, lol
That's not summer, people...
I need that hot searing intense blistering kind...
that you can't find anywhere else but Texas!
So that's my order...I'm placing it now so that Texas will have it all ready for me next month!
Oh and one more request...please have gas at less than $3.00 a gallon!
See ya soon!

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