Wednesday, September 10, 2014

California here we come...

We can't let an earthquake and a few forest fires stop us! 
With much prepping, cleaning and packing we left at the crack of dawn for California on a beautiful Thursday Morning 9/4/14! 
Steve had a nice 5 day break so we planned a tight itinerary for 4 fabulous days of sightseeing and touring San Francisco and Yosemite National Park. 
After one last call making sure every last detail was complete... everything washed, cats prepared, trash removed, suitcases packed, tickets and reservations printed (and in my purse), ice chest and  splenda stash ready...

We were off! 
We hit the road just before daylight and enjoyed a peaceful drive to Reno! 

Here is an interesting piggy backing 18 wheeler.
We see these all the time on the west coast..
pulling 3!

getting there is half the journey...

We made it into Reno just in time to see the morning takeoff... 

Reno Hot Air Balloon Races

and we enjoy looking at the Burning Man Campers on the road leaving Nevada and heading to California on I-80

Our drive takes us through Indian Reservation Land...
It's always interesting to see the signs and shops along the way! 

Here's a Park Ranger...lots of  National Forest Land in Nevada

and we have an uneventful border cross into California!

Donner Pass is a beautiful drive today in the Sunshine!

The roads are clear and the weather is perfect! 

Do you know the way to San Jose? 
We do...but we are headed to San Francisco today! 

And it begins...

Traffic and tolls as soon as we hit San Francisco!

The Bay Bridge is beautiful and so is the water!

here's a tunnel!

and we arrived in great time without a hitch to our wonderful Hotel!
Best Western Tuscan Inn

It's a wonderful affordable suite just 2 blocks from the Fishermans's Wharf!

Such a fabulous find in a city where space is at a premium!
They even have our rooms ready at noon!

We check in and unload but we are on a tight schedule so we head to 
Pier 33 at the Alcatraz Cruise Dock.
I already have tickets for the 2:10 boat to tour the Island, 
so after grabbing a quick bite to eat we are ready to board our boat to Alcatraz!

These guys are excited! 
and I am too! 

The Alcatraz tour requires a post of its own so I'll be blogging more about it all soon! 

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