Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Yosemite Part 1

Nothing can be simple...
Before we left on our California adventure I created a loose itinerary for us to follow
since we had so much ground to cover in just 4 days!
We want to see as much as we can so if we get off track we just have to continue on. 
So far everything has gone as planned, except for the little traffic hiccup
leaving San Francisco the day before.
The traffic only threw us off about an hour and we made it up that evening since 
sightseeing was minimal due to the smoke/fires.
With the fires burning and finding out that the road we intended to take is now closed, 
 we have to find a new route to enter the park.
We studied the park maps, googled for more information, got a decent night's sleep, 
and devised our re routed plan of attack for Yosemite National Park
Our hotel, Best Western, had a really good breakfast to start our day! 
We began a nice drive into the park and followed the road to Mariposa Grove
Home of the big sequoia trees!

Crazy one way bridge!

Finally the park entrance...
This is about an hour and a half of extra driving time.
It's ok though, we didn't come this far to miss seeing the huge trees.

and the amazing rock formations begin...

We see amazing sights along the way as we entered near the main Yosemite Valley entrance!


Wow! It was definitely one of those moments you want to treasure forever!

There was a haze from the fires, but still so amazing!

Love this kid so much!
He's got some mad photography skills!

Bucket List!

Another quick photo by a kind stranger!
We are still on our trek to see the giant Redwoods so we get back in the jeep 
and keep on trucking down the road...

another tunnel emerges with more amazing views!
Finally upon reaching Mariposa Grove, the parking lot was full...
Ugh, really? 
Just another bump in the road and an adjustment to the itinerary!
Park employees redirect us 6 miles back to a parking lot that has a shuttle.
So we head over there, park, and hop on!

standing room only...of course! lol
but thank God we are on it!
And finally we arrive at 
Mariposa Grove of the Giant Sequoias
We discuss the pricey tram tour and after hesitating we decide to do it, like I said...
we are here and we are seeing these big trees today so help me God!

The tram tour winds all through the woods and we see one unique tree after another.

They smell so good even though the fires were burning nearby.

Finally at the end of the tour, we stop at the huge tree that you can walk through!

and that's exactly what we did...walk through the giant sequoia tree!

 what a great memory this will be...

Bucket List!

These trees are massive and they even bleed red sap, who knew?

The tram tour was well worth the money and we all learned so much today,

but now it's time to move on!

I'm a tree hugger now!
We get back on the shuttle and arrive at the parking lot about 2 pm.
Yeah, we are really off schedule now by about 2 hours. but that's ok! 
We saw the Giant Sequoias and we are going to drive through
 the Yosemite Valley just as soon as we have our picnic lunch!
Throwing our trash away...I just had to take a few pics...

Save a Bear, lol

Time to get back on the road for more sightseeing.
We still have about half of the park to see and we need to sleep in Nevada tonight.
Tomorrow Yosemite Part 2...

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