Monday, September 1, 2014

One Year Freedomversary

or how we lived like rock stars and tourists for a whole year...

This last year was such a gift. We lived everyday in complete freedom. We traveled through 7 states and lived in 3. I can't put into words what this has meant for us.  We lived homeless at times and like rock stars at other times. I tried to highlight all the events of the past year on yesterdays blog entry, but I know I failed to mention a few biggies. You can easily scroll back through my blog and see that there is no way I can list everything we accomplished in just one short year. Every single day has been an adventure.  Words just fail me to describe living free and what that means to to have options and make choices, free from debt and social requirements...complete FREEDOM in every sense of the word.

Exactly one year ago today we loaded the jeep and said our goodbyes to our family and friends.
There were a few bumps in the road right away, we thought we were headed to Santa Fe, New Mexico, but it was not meant to be. Just before we left for a fabulous trip to Disneyland we got the call that the Santa Fe job fell through. It all worked out in the end and Steve sealed the deal signing an 8 week contract for an ER in Roswell and this was just the beginning. We were so excited and ready for a new adventure to anywhere. We absolutely had no idea what was before us. We had no way of planning for the unknown. We stepped off into the travel life just trusting God and believing in his promise for our future...

and what a fantastic promise for our lives has been revealed over and over again... More and more truth revealed as even today, confirmation continues to pour in from all areas of our life. When we were sick, lonely, and tired, we received truth from strangers in the strangest places... And I mean strange in the strangest way. So many things I never blogged about but I held close to my heart. So many fears we faced and so many obstacles we worked through. 

We left a life of the known for a year of living in the unknown. I keep saying it's just temporary, but everything is just that. Temporary. Honestly we have no plans to return to a life of financial and social slavery. Not today anyway and tomorrow's not looking good either. From the beginning we determined that this year would just be a trial run. Now that so much has happened in one short year... we love it and we never want it to end. We do miss Texas and we are headed back there next month to work, play, eat lots of Tex Mex, go to the Alamo, visit Kemah, hug our grand babies, love on our kids, empty our storage, purchase a newer much larger vehicle, to re-evaluate our options...and who knows what else. 
So, we keep working Plan A as we celebrate our Freedomversary!
Now on to our next adventure in 
San Francisco, Ca and Yosemite National Park!

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