Saturday, September 20, 2014

The Historic Martin Hotel

We have been meaning to visit this hotel turned restaurant ever since we landed here 4 months ago. 

It's listed as one of the oldest and best places to eat here in Winnemucca.
The Martin Hotel
It's a historic hotel that serves Basque style.
Nevada has a long history of the Basque people.
The Martin Hotel was originally a boarding house for the mine workers and sheep herders!

They have quite the menu.
We arrived at the beginning of the dinner hour so it was empty, but when we left it was packed.
They seat everyone at large tables together, just like an old boarding house may have served meals.
We enjoyed the company of a traveler who had driven from Elko to sample some Basque food.
I think he ordered tongue, lol.
After he left a group of manly workers were seated at our table and they all ordered steaks!

Quite a nice experience for us. 
So sorry for these blurry pics, I pulled them off my old IPhone.
We ordered steak and shrimp for our entrees and it came served as a 5 course meal!
Bread, table wine and Iced water was complimentary too, and already on the table for us.
First the soup... And it was amazing!
Homemade chicken good! 

Then the salad with ranch style beans and served with prairie dust...weird, but good too!
Prairie dust was explained to us as a salt/pepper/garlic seasoning that you sprinkle on the salad.

Now the third course is sides of green beans, mashed potatoes and pozole with chorizo...

It's all so good too and now we are almost full... 
but here comes our entrees!

steak cooked perfectly!

and fried shrimp...

Served with Winnemucca Fries! 

Yummy! We are stuffed and everything we sampled was surprisingly really good!
Dessert too?
Homemade bread pudding!

Ok I guess we will have that too!
And it was wonderful...
We enjoyed our evening immensely, 
but it doesn't come without a price...

Our evening is almost over so 
we strolled down the street and snapped a few pics...

There's the amtrak train just pulling out of the station!
and another weird landmark right next door...
The Mineshaft

A 24 hour saloon that never closes.

The door doesn't even shut or have a lock! 
Just some of the interesting sights to see here in 
And soon this will all be but a memory of our
Nevada Adventure!

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