Thursday, September 18, 2014

California Adventure Conclusion

Our California adventure is coming to an end.
This is the last night of our whirlwind trip.
We are so thankful for the chance to be able to see so many wonderful places on our epic journey.
I never imagined a visit to San Francisco or Yosemite National Park would ever be possible.
But it was and
Wow! I'm so thankful for this time in my life.
It's temporary and we know that God is in all the details or none of this could ever be possible.
We have one more night before we arrive back in Winnemucca 
so we decided to take the shorter route home that leads through the desert. 
We always drive through Reno and we love that 
but seeing as much as we can of the USA is part of our journey.
It's surprising how quick the terrain changes in the west.
One minute we are gazing at the Pacific blue water and then it's the farmland 
followed by the rugged mountains and lush forests.
Then all of a sudden we are in the vast wide open desert without a soul in sight.

As we drive through western Nevada we rarely see much of anything.

The towns we drive through are no more than military ordnance testing facilities,
like Hawthorne
Not a place you want to spend the night.
By now we are a little concerned about our hotel reservations in Fallon,
but we both expect the Holiday Inn to be ok...
and it was better than ok
Thank goodness! It was great!

King 2 room suite with a jacuzzi tub! 

and a separate kitchenette!
We are so tired and ready to relax... pour me a bath please! 

Yea, you see who got in first! lol
and since we have taken the time to drive back into civilization 
we are now only about 2 hours from our apt.
This means we are sleeping late tomorrow morning and checking out as late as we can! 
Steve is so tired from this whole trip. He drove all of it and wouldn't let me help.
He has to go back to work tomorrow and do 5 shifts in a row to pay for all this joy!
So we are relaxing and processing our California adventure in a jacuzzi tonight 
because tomorrow it's back to reality in Winnemucca!

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