Saturday, January 31, 2015

It's Time for a Roadtrip!

We've enjoyed our stagnant stay in Texas but it's time for us to go!
We love a good road trip and we are more than ready to hit the open road 
and drive off into the sunset of the west... 
Where the horizon is visible and the skies meet the mountains and blend into the road. 
I'm so looking forward to the day when we can rest and sleep deeply in the cool desert. 
I want to spend night after night stargazing and dreaming...
Our time in Texas has been grand but currently I'm in stimulation overload...
I've had enough electronics, traffic, humanity, crime, and pollution for the moment.
I need to decompress for a while and so does my amazing nurse hubby.
This guy has worked so hard.
It was a difficult contract for him.
He needs a lovely week just driving and resting.
He is not allowed to save anyone for the next 10 days, lol.
At least I hope the situation doesn't present itself.
So, this week another epic roadtrip begins our 2015 West Coast Adventure.
We pray for good weather and clear roads as we navigate back to Nevada!

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