Sunday, August 31, 2014

Bucket List Moments

Even my 12 year old has a Bucket List. It's quite popular these days. Do you have one? I mean a real one... all written down and planned out. I don't but now I'm wishing I did. I never dreamed I would have this opportunity so I never bothered with it.
This past year I have definitely experienced some bucket list moments and many moments
that I will remember forever like...

Visiting Mt Rainer National Park

Riding a Sea Plane to the San Juan Islands

Seeing the Wild Orcas

Feeding Penguins

 watching a storm roll in from the top of a ski resort...

Going to the Albuquerque Balloon Festival
Flying over the mountains to California
Sleeping in the historic Disneyland Hotel
Watching my son and hubby ride California Screaming 17 times in a row
Having Knott's Berry Farm all to ourselves
Living in a historic adobe house in New Mexico
Learning about Swamp Coolers (water cooler air conditioning)
Waking up to sunshine and blue skies in Roswell
Hiking the old entrance to Carlsbad Caverns
Driving up Apache ski resort in Ruidoso
Seeing Disneyland at Christmas
Driving through a Snowstorm in Oregon
Living in a luxury high rise in Tacoma, WA
Smelling the amazing Christmas trees in Washington state
Feeling the powdery snow fall in Wa
Seeing Bald Eagles flying wild and free
Smelling the fresh air atop crystal mountain ski resort with my husband
Riding the WSDOT ferry to Vashon Island
Gazing at the Blue water of the Puget Sound
Viewing snow capped mountains from every direction
Visiting Point defiance zoo and aquarium
Watching the sea lions in Commencement Bay
Driving across the historic Tacoma Narrows Bridge
Visiting Gig Harbor and Bremerton
Parking on Ocean Shores Beach and watching a coyote chase seagulls 
Sightseeing Aberdeen Wa
Strolling through Seattle's Pike Place Market
Visiting the Seattle Space Needle and EMP Museum
Experiencing Seattle's aquarium and harbor tour
Smelling the California Sea Lions in the wild
Feeding the penguins at Seattle's woodland park zoo
Seeing the Elk Crossing flashing signs on the Highway
Experiencing my very own Northern Exposure in Roslyn WA
Hearing and Breathing the Snoqualmie Falls
Traveling to Port Angeles and the Olympic Mountains
Eating West Coast Prawns
Riding the tram at Northwest Trek wildlife preserve
Riding the amtrak Train to Portland Or
Learning about public transportation in Portland
Browsing Powells bookstore in Portland OR
Eating VooDoo Donuts in Portland OR
Never getting a bad cup of coffee
Experiencing "my" Mt. Rainier completely
Flying in a seaplane to the San Juan Islands
Having a religious experience with the wild Orcas
Riding the clipper ferry to Victoria, BC, Canada
Road tripping through 7 States
Landing in the Wild Wild West of Winnemucca, NV
Vacationing in beautiful Lake Tahoe
Riding the gondola up to heavenly Ski Resort
Zip lining from the top of Heavenly Mountain
Parasailing in Lake Tahoe
Kayaking Lake Tahoe
Taking an evening cruise to Emerald Bay
Seeing the Sierra Nevada Mountains
Driving through Donner Pass
Staying in a 4 star diamond resort hotel in Reno
Driving in the desert with the windows down and not a soul in sight
Sleeping in the cold desert with a million stars all around
Smelling the desert rain
Experiencing on more than one occasion a complete stranger speaking truth to me
(that one gives me chills every time. I just say God, I know that was you)
and Going to as many Arcades, Pizzerias, and Casinos as humanly possible.

Yes we did all this and much much more.
I know I have left out a lot, like being in the hospital in Tacoma, lol, and how Steve works a full time nursing job to pay for all this joy.
We spent the last year truly living and experiencing true freedom.
It was priceless.
For years we devised Operation Freedom and we worked hard at Plan A
to make these dreams a reality.
It was totally worth all the sacrifice.
Today we are making choices about where we are headed in the future months.
We have not determined a direction at this point.
 Ultimately we will go wherever God leads us and wherever Steve decides to work.
We will sight see the local area and enjoy every moment. 
I've just started researching possible places we may travel to in 2015/2016.
We do plan on staying in the Houston area for a while...
and if the creek doesn't rise, maybe even 6 months or more...
to re-evaluate, take stock, and re-organize.
After that...only God knows for sure. 

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