Sunday, August 24, 2014

Future Plans

God willing we will continue traveling for a while. It's been a great year. As our freedomversary approaches we've been discussing our options within Plan A.  Never before have we had so many opportunities before us which require decision making.
We hope to go back to Texas for a while, love on our family, upgrade our vehicle, and head east in the spring. On this go round we both agree we need to live less like tourists and more like the locals. That's a hard one for us because we are traveling to so many places we have never seen. Truth be told we are tourists in every sense of the word.
Except we rarely buy any souvenirs due to lack of space.  
This past year has been one big vacation that seemingly never ends and one we will treasure forever, but there are days when it does get old.
We love adventure but we need to pace ourselves in the coming months.
We did a lot this past year and we still have 2 more trips booked before we celebrate our one year of life on the road. One year... it just blew by.
So much we learned this past year and yet we have so many more lessons to learn...
and hopefully many more adventures to experience.

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