Sunday, August 3, 2014

Living in the High Desert of Nevada

So, here we are with only 5 weeks left in Steve's assignment at Humboldt General Hospital in the peaceful desert of Winnemucca, Nevada. I haven't blogged as I should and now with the contract ending many things I want to share and remember.
Here are some of the pictures we've taken these last 8 weeks
 and a quick update... 

There's not a lot to do here in Winnemucca so some days we just take a drive, especially in the evenings....when the air is cool.
We drive for miles and never see a soul!

We lean out the windows and sing a long with our fav Eagles CD! 

and we stop and take fabulous pictures in the vast wilderness! 

Then we drive back through town and enjoy the rural setting at sunset

2 railroad tracks run through town...

The desert has its own beauty...
Those are our apartments at the base of Winnemucca Mountain.
Then there's the price we pay for all this peace and quiet...
gas is $4.29 a gallon. 
Not sure why Steve is smiling.

Then there are some not so beautiful places around town... like brothels. Yes, it's legal here.

they are in town near the highway..

and casinos everywhere you turn, even inside restaurants, hotels and gas stations...weird.

but some of our favorite places are the local restaurants... like The Griddle 

so so good, absolutely the best breakfast, brunch, and lunch in town! 

Right on the main street!

This is Spencer's favorite dive for breakfast! He loves their bacon!

and I love their French Toast... the best I've ever had.

Our other favorite dinner spot is Chihuahua's 

They have great fajitas

I really enjoyed the pork tamales and cheese enchiladas! 
Definitely the best Mexican food we have had since leaving Texas!

and lastly a final reminder that we live in the middle of nowhere...
a few simple grocery items will set you back about $25.
Thank goodness for Walmart. We are able to do most of our shopping there and we can get cash as needed too, since none of our banks have branches here either.
Ultimately we are having a great small town experience here, but we are looking forward to seeing our loved ones soon in Texas. 

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