Monday, August 18, 2014

One Year Ago Today...

I was overwhelmed...

I was blogging with so much anticipation and deep down I was scared to death. 
I was concerned about the unknown and struggling to put all my hope in a future that was unseen, unknown... unrehearsed.
A year has passed and all I can say is "WOW"
I am so thankful my husband had the vision to secure a career that would allow us to travel.
And with much prayer I am so thankful God changed my heart to accept this opportunity. 
We prayed, we even argued, but we put all our trust in God and walked out in faith.
Many times we did not know where we would live or even stay for the night. 
Many times our plans changed and many times we were disappointed. 
Many times we were at the mercy of strangers. 
But all the time we saw God's hand in the opportunities before us. 
Even when we were not sure (which was often) we trusted God and his ultimate plan for our lives. 
Did we make mistakes? yes, of course. This life is not perfect by any means. 
Did we learn from our mistakes? Yes, I think so. 
I consider it nothing less than a gift from heaven to live this past year in freedom. 
Freedom from a mortgage, bills, and society demands.
Freedom to change our lifestyle completely. 
and the freedom to choose...
Some days I am actually overwhelmed by the choices before me. 
I'm no longer a slave to society anymore and it took me a year to really let go and live.
I'm not as afraid anymore and truth be told what scares me more than anything is going back to Texas and taking up a mortgage and settling back into our past life. 
I still have nightmares about the pink slip electric bill...
Remodeling the bathroom...
and paying the car pmt late...and so on and so on...
It was a toxic life and and I feel ill and panicky just thinking about it. 
When we decided to take up this lifestyle, we determined that a year would be a good trial run.
To test it and see if we like it...

and friends...It's been an amazing year. 
I plan on recapping the events of the past year, but it won't be easy. 
I never imagined I would ever see and do such much even in the course of a lifetime.
We are headed back to Texas in work and visit and play and love on our family. 
To live forever?? don't think so unless it's God's will. 
Then we will.

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