Sunday, August 17, 2014

The Atlantis Resort Hotel in Reno

The way Steve's schedule at the hospital runs here in Winnemucca tends to be a stretch of working 4 or 5 days in a row followed by that same amount of time off! It works out great for taking little trips. Steve needed to get his fingerprinting completed for his Nevada license and I had some shopping to do and since we love Reno, well... yeah, we will use any excuse for a little road trip. We usually just make day trips to Reno, but since we had a few things to do and some time off I booked us a hotel room. 

We traveled all morning through the cold rain...

it never rains here,

 but it did on our travel day!

so we just took our time and listened to this great Journey CD from 1981.

and finally arrived at the Sparks Legends Outlet Mall...

of course I went to my fav store...

These days I buy little things that travel well. 

So small and perfect for sightseeing.

and don't forget about lunch...we chose BJ's Brewhouse this time around. 

oh my goodness...Pasadena friends...GILLEY'S in Reno, lol

the downtown strip...
and our hotel with the Sierra Nevada Mountains in the distance!

We usually don't stay in such nice accommodations but without the cats...we splurged. I would have booked the concierge level had I known we would have our rooms and meals comped.  

All I can say is...WOW! 
This place is amazing.
There are about 7 restaurants alone. 
2 pools
valet everything
ahhh....and I'm sure there's much more amenities than I know.

Here is our lovely room in the Luxury Tower...

Small but very nice!

the beds were amazing...and the pillows...just right!

the newly remodeled bathroom  with casino bling...

even a phone by the toilet, lol

The rooms start at $59 a night, so I think they depend heavily on people coming to gamble.  We did gamble some, but with our streak of win, lose, win, lose...LOSE... 
we can't do that the whole time, lol

our evening view of the strip

a late dinner at the Purple Parrot

We signed up for the player club and got these free buffet comps!

So we ate at the buffet the next morning for brunch! WOW! 
It was huge!

and then enjoyed some family gaming...

Fun! I found my new fav game...the batman!
I got to drive the batmobile...
but I'm not very good at it. 

Steve found some old school games too!

and Spencer has some favs but he enjoys most all arcade games! lol

After a nap we had an early evening dinner at the Texas Roadhouse
and decided to take a drive down the strip

finally landing at CIRCUS CIRCUS, lol!
we pulled into the valet parking and had some more fun at the midway!

It's like a Carnival Chuck E Cheese Arcade

lol, sorry Spencer, I had to!

Finally the next day Steve had his appt for his fingerprinting and wouldn't you know it was right across the street from the new Reno Cheesecake Factory! So we had a very light breakfast, checked out of the Atlantis Hotel and headed for some cheesecake.

This restaurant has just opened within the last week and they still have some kinks to work out.
However, the manager was amazing and due to our long wait and wrong order, she comped us not just 1, but 2 slices of cheesecake! 
She tried to give us 3, but I assured her 2 was more than plenty. 
We usually only order one and we all split that.  
I'm impressed and hopefully we will be back... 
and I'm sure we will as we have already been to 6 dif cheesecake factory restaurants in 5 dif states this past year alone! lol

Red Velvet Cheesecake, one of our favs. 

and white chocolate raspberry! 

3 days of fun went by way too fast...back to reality and Winnemucca! 

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