Monday, August 25, 2014

Our Life in Winnemucca

We are now into our last 8 weeks here in Winnemucca. Today is a pretty average day. All 3 of us woke early, checked our electronic devices, made contact with family and close friends, I fed the cats, opened the windows, had coffee, and made breakfast. 
That's my routine wherever we live, but here's what's so special about living in Winnemucca. 
When I woke up...I was cold. It was 68 degrees in the apt.
When I checked my iPhone I was reminded I am out of network. There's no AT&T service here.
When I texted friends and family, their day had long started 2 hours ago. 
When I raised the windows...I was greeted with a fresh burst of 42 degree wind 
and the distant sound of a train.

Shortly after we ate breakfast it began to rain ever so softly and the smell was incredible.
Maybe a mix of sagebrush, sand, wind and fresh water.
Who knows? maybe it's just a mix of everything Nevada. 
It was a short lived little shower that cleaned the air and settled the dust.
On a day like today we are reminded how slow life is here. 
It's incredibly quiet too. 
At night there's a lovely view of the city lights from our porch,
And the! 
It's a good life here and we've had a good experience living in the high desert.
However, day in and day out it does become monotonous for us city folk. 
Thank goodness for our close proximity to Reno! 
It affords us a few days of dining, entertainment, and shopping!
But it's nice to drive back to Winnemucca and sleep in the cold dark quiet desert
with a million stars all around...

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