Friday, August 22, 2014

The Cost of Adventure

Yeah, it's expensive all right. There are so many cost factors that add up. Everything and I mean everything is more expensive out west. After going without, I finally accepted the fact that I have to pay more to get what I need.  Gas has run from $3.45-$4.29 a gallon since leaving Texas a year ago. It may have dipped down at times, but its been an average of $4 bucks a gallon wherever we've been and we've used that number in our calculations and planning.

I know I already mentioned this, but it's the best example I have. Average groceries like milk, peanut butter and jelly and a few ice cream sandwiches ran us $25 bucks!

But what about the real cost of travel...

hmm...considering time as a commodity.
Then I guess we are rich...
Travel nursing has afforded us more time to enjoy doing the things we love, 
but I never imagined we would enjoy it this much! 
I half expected to make it through the first year and that would be it. 
We are fast approaching our freedomversary and I'll blog more about that and our plans for the future.

As most of you know by now, we sold our house and most of our possessions to live this life. 
We have one vehicle...a used 2008 jeep patriot, that's really all we have.
We travel with a few carry on's, duffel bags and backpacks. 
We are not rich nor did we win the lottery.
So, technically, we are poor by most standards, lol
Getting back to what it costs us...financially speaking. 
Steve works within a contract. He negotiates his contract. At this point, his contract includes furnished pet friendly corporate housing and all the bills related to housing. Sometimes we get blessed with wifi, cable, big flat screen tv's, bedding, housewares, linens, and new furniture. 
Sometimes some or none of those things are included.
It just adds to the adventure when we arrive in a new 
So far our housing has been great! and by that I mean NEW and MODERN.
New housing... better than any housing I've ever lived in and since its all included in the contract, we never see a bill, we never pay an electric bill, we never deal with the water bill, repairs, maintenance...
However since it is part of the contract, that means it does cut into the overall compensation. 
We can provide our own housing and bank the stipend (like $2k mo) but that's for another adventure in the future...
He is also comped for his travel between job locations and that helps, too. 
 I'm not going to disclose his take home pay because for one, 
each contract has its perks and that affects the bottom line. 
But, I will say that his take home is comparable to what he was earning in the
 Houston Med Center. 
The big difference for us now is that we are debt free! 
and what that means for us is.... Steve's paychecks are free and clear. 
Imagine what you could do if you had no bills, my friends! 
It's possible...
This is how we are able to travel, stay in nice hotels and buy tickets to do so many things...
So there are no financial obligations other than jeep maintenance, insurance, cell phones, gas, food, storage, medicine, Dr. visits, and then there's some other incidentals that pop up. 
Without the weight of the monthly bills on our shoulder, we have been able to say yes to so many adventures. 
Adventures we only dreamed of ....
Traveling to destinations we never imagined...
 WOW! I'm so grateful for this crazy good life 
and today we can say that we have spent the last year really our faith and trusting God. 
We haven't forgotten that this worldly life is temporary. 
We haven't forgotten who we are.
and since heaven is forever...
we keep on
working, praying, giving and saving like never before...
 not knowing where this journey will take us. 
That my friends is the true adventure.

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