Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Humboldt County Museum

Steve works at HGH Humboldt General Hospital. The only hospital in the county. 
Shortly after we arrived we received a phone book. It is so small I thought it was only for the town of Winnemucca but it is for 3 counties. 
This area is so sparsely populated that everything is scaled way way down in comparison to the larger cities we've visited. 
We have been enjoying Steve's days off and using that time to sight see around the area. 
We found a nice little city park just outside of town that is home to the Humboldt County Museum. 

At first when we arrived shortly after noon it was closed...for lunch. 
We came back around 2pm and they were open for business, lol.
Small town issues... 

There's an old episcopal church that was moved to the grounds and remodeled.
It's open for weddings and events!

Here's an old general store...so tiny

A lovely home of a prominent railroad conductor...

info about the railroad...

The view of the museum grounds as you drive up from the highway...

Inside the main building there were some old restored cars. Steve and Spencer enjoyed that a lot. The rest was just local history about the town...schools, buildings and the people. There really was not a lot to see here, however the grounds were nice and clean...
 and it made for a nice afternoon visit.
But I'm ready for more adventures...Reno, San Francisco, Yosemite...

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