Monday, August 4, 2014

Water Canyon Recreation Area

There's not a lot to do here in the little town of Winnemucca. 
So, we spend some of our free time taking short drives in the desert...
and accidentally driving up on local attractions like..

Water Canyon Recreation Area

It's just outside of town on BLM Land

There's free camping, picnicking and hiking...

possible bear activity

a great place to get away... and relax for a few minutes in the clean desert air.

just a short 4 mile drive from our apt.

it's a primitive peaceful place...

There's a little bit of water flowing through the creek,

and granite rocks sticking out of the interesting,

we've visited a few times now

always so peaceful

and quiet

lots of wildlife...mama and baby tagging behind

down by the creek.

and the best part... it's free! 

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