Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Under the Weather

We are rarely ill which is a good thing.
But when are...
Lookout because it's usually a humdinger of a sickness.
We eat good, rest good, exercise, take vitamins, etc...
But every few years we each get hit with something we just can't fight off.
Ugh, I hate it when that happens.
Just last year I succumbed to a nasty UTI that became septic and landed me 4 days in a PICU Unit.
Not good.
Most people don't know that I live with Type 2 Diabetes and I take handfuls of pills 
twice a day just to maintain my health.

My doctors in Texas have been supportive of our travel life and have given me a years worth of prescription refills at a time so I am able to refill my medication as needed wherever we are.
I can maintain, but really not gaining any ground against diabetes.
So, when a nasty germ comes along...
I can't fight it off as well as others. 
I think I do a good job being compliant as my sweet ER Nurse hubby says.
But still, every once in a while I fall off the salad wagon, we party like rock stars, 
I eat too many baked potatoes then I become ill and it takes me more time to get over it.
It's a vicious cycle but I've learned what to expect with this crazy diabetes.
I could fight harder... I so would like to win this war.
But when my sweetheart gets a bug it's a whole 'nother story...
So hard to see him down.
He's always the strong one...
Taking care of others and always taking care of me.
Thank goodness he rarely catches anything from the ER.
But somehow he caught something this time around. 
Of course this happens on the week he is scheduled to work 6 shifts in a row.
Most likely just a nasty virus...
But Ugh!
He never ever calls in, just works through it somehow.
Travel nursing does not afford any personal time off or sick days 
so he always goes to work come hell or high water.
I half expected to get a call last night that he was admitted, 
But he wasn't.
He spent the night taking care of people half as sick as he is...
So dedicated my sweetheart!
Walmart pharmacy here we come to shop your over the counter remedies...
And I'm the nurse now...
And for the record...
Nurses do not make good patients!