Friday, January 9, 2015

Texas Storage

We keep a rather small storage in Texas...
Mostly for keepsakes and household items that we just cannot part with and shouldn't part with, yet!
It's like christmas when we go visit it.

We spent a good half day over at the storage emptying it and completely repacking and rearranging everything.

I was able to retrieve a few special items that make my daily living easier like my rockin knife set, my antique Tupperware collection, cuisinart food processor and my crockpot.
My son grabbed up his old GameCube and a few wii games too!

Steve just switched out some seasonal clothing and a few personal items.
We've enjoyed using our stuff while we were here in Texas.
But's time to say goodbye off they go back in storage.
I would take them all with me but they are really too bulky and heavy for travel and since I don't use them everyday, they are best stored til next time. 
We have fine tuned with what we travel with so I'm not expecting to take anything extra with me on our 2015 adventure.
We truly need very little and we like it like that.
All that extra stuff just suffocates us and weighs us down. 

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